Many Pregnant Women Are Considering Home Births Due To Coronavirus Fears

Helen Storms

Many more pregnant women than usual are considering home births due to new changes in hospitals during the coronavirus quarantine. Hospitals have greatly increased restrictions, including who and how many people are allowed in the room when a woman is in labor. Some moms who would like to have more control over their birth process believe a home birth would allow this more freedom, according to Today.

Kelsey Nixon of Boise, Idaho, knows this fear all too well. Nixon and her husband expected their baby to be born via a surrogate named Megan Blackhurst in a hospital. However, with all the new changes put into place, she became concerned that Blackhurst might have to be alone while she gave birth. She and her husband might not get to see their child be born or offer any sort of support to Blackhurst. That is when she began to consider something she never thought she would: a home birth.

"Never in a million years did we think we would jump into a home birth. We didn't come to this decision lightly. We came to this stage given our very particular set of pregnancy circumstances. While this is not an ideal circumstance, we are in the best-case situation for home birth."

Nixon is not the only one to find herself in a situation in which she never expected to be in. Lindsey Meehleis, a midwife at Orange County Midwifery, in California, explained that many women are viewing home births as a way to still have visitors with them.

"It's making women really question wanting to be in a hospital setting. We don't even know how to navigate this because (the increased interest) is just so overwhelming," she said.

The major differences between a home birth and a hospital birth cannot be overlooked, however. For example, a mother will not have access to an epidural to help with the pain, even if she later decides she wants one. In addition, the technology that is available in a hospital to ensure the delivery goes as successfully as possible is not available for home births. In addition, insurance would likely not cover the expenses.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, health professionals are urging pregnant women to take extra special precaution during this time of global health crisis. There is still little information regarding how the coronavirus could impact a pregnant mother and her unborn child.