Meghan Markle Is Reportedly Taking Extra Precautions As She And Harry Are In Quarantine

Meghan Markle is as freaked out about the novel coronavirus as everyone else. According to a source who spoke with The Daily Mail, Markle is taking the virus very seriously and has increased her precautions against it in the days since she learned that Prince Harry's father, Prince Charles, tested positive for the virus.

"Meghan said hearing the news of Prince Charles has put everyone on edge. She said she is worried about her own health and Harry's health because she doesn't want to pass anything onto Archie," the source said.

Even before Charles tested positive, Meghan was already requiring her staff to wear masks and latex gloves when they entered the Sussex's house. Following his diagnosis, she's apparently taken additional cautions to protect her family from the coronavirus.

"Any staff member who goes outdoors to run errands has to leave their shoes in a designated area outside, along with coats or jackets," the source explained.

The source also said that all produce has to be washed with soap and water, and no packages of any kind can be brought into the house. If they order anything, it is first wiped down outside and then brought into the house. Even when her staff leaves the house to run errands, they are still required to wear masks the entire time.

These precautions may seem like a lot, but overkill is part of the point, according to the source.

"Meghan said she would rather be overly cautious than not," the source said.

In spite of the extraordinary precautions she's taken, Meghan reportedly hasn't shown any interest in using her status to acquire a test for the virus, even though Charles tested positive.

The source said that while Meghan acknowledged that taking the test would be comforting, because no one in the family has symptoms, they've decided to just take heavy doses of Vitamin C to strengthen their immune systems for the time being.

While they're taking precautions, the couple is also apparently "frustrated" by the limitations that quarantine has placed on them both.

"Meghan said Harry's been in touch with his dad... Of course, he's frustrated. She said they both are frustrated because they are doers and want to do so much more to help," the source said.

Harry's father, Prince Charles, announced that he had tested positive for the virus earlier this week. His wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, has tested negative, and Charles says that he only has mild symptoms and is otherwise healthy.