Miranda Lambert & Brendan McLoughlin Are 'Just Being Together Quietly' To Quell Coronavirus Anxiety

Miranda Lambert is leaning on the support of husband, Brendan McLoughlin, amid their sudden shutdown from the coronavirus.

The singer took to Instagram to give fans an update of her newly homebound situation, writing that her anxiety has been "through the roof" as she unpacked and settled in after grounding her tour. With no shows to keep her busy and the worry over the spread of the virus growing, Miranda said she's been looking to Brendan for emotional support.

"Brendan and I have been cooking, cleaning, working out (some virtual classes but not enough @b.w.fitness @willowpilatesstudio????) spending time with dogs and horses and just being together quietly," Lambert wrote. "Well besides the country music constantly coming through the speakers."

The Instagram post included a series of pictures showing the couple spending time with their animals on the Nashville farm, though Miranda admitted that she is missing her normally busy life. The 36-year-old wrote in her message to fans that she is missing her New York and Texas families, adding that she missed out on the birth of her close friend's baby.

"My soul sister @apes_1983 just had her first baby yesterday, baby Finn, and we only get to see him through a screen for now," Lambert wrote. "I wish I was there in person. Soon enough good Lord willin."

Though the situation may be stressful, it gives Miranda the opportunity to spend more time with McLoughlin and comes amid reports that the couple is thinking about starting a family together. As The Inquisitr reported, a source close to the couple said that she and McLoughlin, who recently retired from the New York City Police Department, were ready to start having children.

The source told Us Weekly that Miranda has been telling friends that she was ready to take their relationship to the next level.

"Miranda has been telling friends that she wants a baby and to be with Brendan forever," the source claimed.

Brendan, who has a 16-month-old son from a previous relationship, was also on board with starting a family, the report noted.

Though Miranda may be off the road, she has kept fans up to date with her work, taking to Instagram earlier in the week to share a preview of the music video for her song, "Bluebird."

It is not yet clear when Lambert could get back on the road, noting that her tour had been canceled for the near future.