Anita Herbert Rocks Mesh Camo-Print Crop Top And Matching Shorts For Full-Body Workout Videos

Anita Herbert snaps a selfie at a gym
Anita Herbert / Instagram

Hungarian fitness model Anita Herbert brought out her resistance band for the most recent video series on her Instagram. In the shared clips, the muscled brunette powerhouse focused on toning the entire body.

Dressed in a long-sleeved camo-print crop top and matching shorts, she started her workout with a set of squats into upright rows. For this exercise, she placed the end of an extra-long resistance band under the soles of her feet. After bending her knees for a deep squat, she pulled up the other end of the band for the upright row.

In the next clip, she kept the resistance band in the same position for a series of Romanian deadlifts into rows. This meant that she had to bend her torso forward before pulling the resistance band toward her upper body. The third clip saw her return to doing squats, but the time she followed each rep with a front raise of the resistance band.

After that, she tackled a set of “B stance” Romanian deadlifts. These were similar to the standard version of the exercise, but they were done with one knee raised. Anita also placed one end of the resistance band under one foot and pulled it upward after each of her deadlifts. Next, she moved onto the last exercise move in the circuit: squats into overhead presses.

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In her caption, Anita admitted that she had been struggling to adapt to working out from home, but encouraged her fans to stay committed to their fitness goals instead of complaining.

In the comments, fans showered Anita with lots of compliments.

“Rockin the camouflage,” one person wrote before adding a string of emoji to their comment. “Stay healthy, beautiful lady.”

Others agreed with the sentiment that she expressed in her caption.

“You’re so right,” a second commenter added. “Trying to stay motivated. And doing what I can but it’s not the same. Good thing is you can still feel a little sore after your workouts so I know I must be workin’ it.”

“I love you and your workouts Anita,” another added.

Another seemed to envy the view from Anita’s filming location.

“With that view… I will do it too,” they wrote.

Several commenters also asked Anita about the source of her workout attire. In her response to one of these inquisitive Instagram users, she revealed that her ensemble was from her own apparel line. Others asked where they could purchase her exercise bands and she replied that she had bought hers on Amazon.