Michigan ER Nurse Begs People To Stay Home: ‘This Is Truly Scary’

'We're going to start making life-or-death decisions in regards to people's care,' said Michigan nurse Mary Macdonald.

A sign marks an emergency room at a hospital.
Pixabay / Pexels

'We're going to start making life-or-death decisions in regards to people's care,' said Michigan nurse Mary Macdonald.

A Michigan emergency room nurse named Mary Macdonald is speaking out about what it is really like on the front lines of fighting the coronavirus, and she is begging people to stay home. Macdonald works at Ascension Hospital in Novi and created a video on social media to help get her message out, according to WXYZ News Detroit.

Macdonald emphasized that this global health crisis is every bit as horrifying and serious as it has been described, urging people to treat it as such. She painted a bleak picture of what it’s like inside hospitals right now with more confirmed coronavirus cases popping up every day. She explained that even just 10 days ago she would have never expected this health crisis to reach the level it is at now.

“Until you see it first hand, you have no idea what it’s like, or what it’s going to be like. It’s truly frightening. We’re going to start making life-or-death decisions in regards to people’s care,” she explained.

Macdonald discussed the frightening lack of supplies the hospital has on hand to deal with the number of cases that are coming, particularly the lack of ventilators. At the hospital where she works, 10 people had already been placed on ventilators. Her own patient took the very last ventilator they had in the entire hospital that day.

It’s not just ventilators the hospital needs more of. They are running low on medication, even standards like Tylenol.

Macdonald explained that many people that are showing symptoms of COVID-19 will not even get tested for it, and will be sent home and told to isolate themselves from others. Only the most extreme cases are getting treated.

“Most people are not getting tested. If you are walking well you are getting sent home to quarantine. Coming into the hospital is really not going to benefit you unless you are really having respiratory distress,” she said.

Macdonald’s biggest concern is how there are still many people out and about, living their lives as normal without any fear of getting the coronavirus themselves or passing it on to someone more vulnerable.

“This is truly scary and nobody is taking it seriously,” she said, emotion in her voice.

Macdonald’s video was viewed over 18,000 times.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, President Trump is considering more extreme measures to control this pandemic, including a coronavirus quarantine for some of the most affected states.