Mystery Elf Door Entrances San Francisco

A mystery elf door sounds like the start of a plot for the next blockbuster series of children’s fantasy novels, but in real life (as much as California is real life), an actual tiny door has captivated everyone.

The mystery elf door appeared in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and no one really knows how it got there — but its appearance on a local blog has catapulted both the blog and the door to sudden internet stardom.

Sarah Bacon posted the pics up to the web earlier this month, and soon the mystery elf door was drawing crowds — Bacon explained to ABC:

“When I see the door, I think of the word ‘delight.’ When people talk about walking by it, it makes their day a little happier because it’s unexpected.”

Let us pause here to consider how a similar mystery elf door would be received in New York City. Our guess is that it would be ignored, mocked on Gawker and ultimately rented out for twice the going market value for tree shares due to “outdoor space” and notoriety. Broker fee one and a half month’s rent.

But in San Francisco, the mystery elf door has spawned a lot more visiting to Golden Gate Park, as curious folk seek out the tiny “door of unknown origin” amidst the trees — Bacon admits she has not revealed its location on the blog, merely its existence.

She says:

“When the person sent me the photos, they gave me exact locations, but when you go to the park, I thought it would be fun for families to go out together and look for the tree … It has a lot of parents and kids excited. There are so many theories as to who put the door there, but I hope it stays a mystery.”

As of now, the mystery elf door will remain in place.