June 24, 2014
Nicholas Wig: Alleged Thief Logs Onto Facebook While Robbing House, Forgets To Log Out

Nicholas Wig might need to change his Facebook status to "incarcerated."

The 26-year-old Minnesota man is in jail after breaking into a home and for some reason logging onto Facebook on the home's computer. Police say Wig proceeded to rob the house and then left, but never clicked log out before leaving.

"World's dumbest criminal," homeowner James Wood said. "I don't know."

If it weren't for the stupidity of Nicholas Wig, Wood said he could have been in real trouble. The thief is accused of stealing credit cards, cash, and even Wood's watch.

The situation looked dire, until Wood checked his computer.

"I started to panic," he said. "But then I noticed he had pulled up his Facebook profile."

The Facebook account wasn't the only clue that block-headed alleged thief Nicholas Wig left behind. Wood said he found a pair of Nike sneakers, jeans and a belt, all of them soaking wet. Wood said it was raining outside at the time Wig is accused of breaking in.

So Wood decided to use Wig's profile, posting a message saying that Wig had taken some things from his home. Wood included his phone number asking someone to get in touch about it and the next day got a text from Wig himself.

"I replied you left a few things at my house last night, how can I get them back to you," Wood said.

It was an obvious ruse, but Nicholas Wig was too dumb to remember to log out of Facebook, so obviously he had no idea. Wood says the suspected burglar headed over to the thinking he would trade a recycled cell phone in exchange for the wet clothes he left.

Instead, he found the police waiting for him.

"I've never seen this before," Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said. "It's a pretty unusual case, might even make the late night television shows in terms of not being too bright."

But the stupidity of Nicholas Wig apparently knows no bounds. When police picked him up, he was still wearing the watch stolen from Wood's home. He now faces up to 10 years in prison and $20,000 in fines.