Lisa Lanceford Trains Her Lower Body In Sports Bra And Leggings For Latest Workout Videos On Instagram

British fitness trainer Lisa Lanceford gave her fans some fitspiration on Friday when she uploaded a series of videos where she trained her legs at home. Dressed in a light gray sports bra and a darker gray pair of leggings, the brunette powerhouse started the series with some light cardio.

Lisa jogged in place in the first clip and recommended doing so for one minute. Then she moved on to doing butt kicks and suggested one minute of those as well. The third clip saw her move on to reverse lunges, which required her to take large steps backward before bending her knees. Then she transitioned into curtsy lunges, where she had to step back with a diagonal motion of her leg.

Bulgarian split squats came next. She rested one foot on a chair behind her before she bent her front knee. Lisa tackled a set of standard squats next and followed those with a series of single-leg calf raises.

Her workout post has been liked close to 30,000 times as of this writing, and nearly 300 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, fans thanked Lisa for sharing at-home workout suggestions.

"Thank you for all your workouts," one person wrote. "You are a true inspiration."

"So manageable given our current situation. Thank you for sharing!" another supporter added before including a red heart emoji to their comment. "I will definitely be trialing this over the weekend."

And a third fan vouched for the difficulty of Lisa's workouts.

"I've just done 11 of your home leg workouts and I'm dripping in sweat, your my inspo for all workouts!"

But, as with a lot of Lisa's Instagram posts, some fans used their comment as an opportunity to compliment her appearance.

"You look amazing!!" a fourth admirer gushed. "Be careful and stay safe!!"

In some of her previous videos, Lisa showed fans how they could incorporate simple household items into their at-home workouts. In a post uploaded to Instagram six days ago, she used milk jugs to train her shoulders while wearing a pink sports bra and a matching pair of leggings. Her circuit on this occasion included lateral raises, rear delt flys, isometric holds and more.

That post has been liked over 45,000 times since its upload, and more than 1,100 Instagram users have commented on it. And fans expressed their appreciation for the workout in the comments section, seeming to find the milk puns in her caption hilarious.