Brandi Glanville Recreates Bar Refaeli’s Kiss With Jesse Heinman

Brandi Glanville recreated Bar Refaeli’s infamous smooch with Jesse Heinman, after she bumped into the loveable nerd at a Hollywood event.

Heinman has turned into one of the most coveted men in Hollywood ever since his kiss with the supermodel for God Daddy’s advertisement was broadcast during this year’s Super Bowl.

The reality star’s kiss was a little bit messier than her counterparts though, and the Hollywood extra seemed to be a tad taken aback by her efforts.

The 38-year old mauled the rotunded star, and then proceeded to lick his lips, all whilst wearing an intimidating leather outfit. After the kiss it was very apparent that Heinman was a tad embarrassed by the incident.

However, she later revealed, via her Twitter account, that the real reason she wore her dark atire was for more delicate reasons. “(The) reason I wore gloves is my hands got burned, so I tried to match the outfit them,” claimed the star.

Go Daddy’s infamous commercial featuring Refaeli and Heinman certainly had tongues wagging when it was aired. Their exchange lasted for eight seconds and was one of the most talked about advertisements of the year.

Go Daddy have a history of creating conversation stating Super Bowl adverts, with their first attempt coming the year after Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s infamous nipple slip escapade in 2005.

Jess has gone on to become a cult hero across the internet, and he is often recognised due to the fact that he has appeared in over 140 movies and TV shows. Glanville is an American television personality and former model who joined the reality show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, in its second season.

Glanville and Heinman were attending the red-carpet event for the ‘Pices of A**’ 10th Anniversary show at the Fonda Theater.

Who would you rather kiss, Glanville or Refaeli?