Trish Regan, Who Accused Democrats Of Politicizing Coronavirus Panic Against Donald Trump, Leaves Fox Business

Fox Business host Trish Regan poses on the red carpet.

Trish Regan is parting ways with Fox Business, leaving the network weeks after she drew controversy for claiming that Democrats were leveraging anxieties surrounding the novel coronavirus as an “impeachment scam” meant to hurt Donald Trump.

The network announced on Friday that Regan was leaving, issuing a statement thanking the host for her contributions to the network and wishing her well, People magazine reported. Regan released her own statement saying that the decision to leave the network was personal.

“I have enjoyed my time at FOX and now intend to focus on my family during these troubled times,” the 47-year-old host said. “I am grateful to my incredible team at FOX Business and for the many opportunities the network has provided me. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my career.”

Regan stirred controversy for comments she made on Trish Regan Primetime on March 7 in which she accused Trump’s opponents of using the panic over the coronavirus to “demonize and destroy” him. She claimed that it was another attempt to impeach him. The statement came as the deadly virus began to spread across the United States. Since then, cases of the virus have exploded across the country, with the United States surpassing both Italy and China in total number of cases.

Regan had already been benched from the Fox Business lineup amid a larger shuffle at the network to devote more primetime coverage to the coronavirus crisis. As Variety reported, the network said that both Trish Regan Primetime and Kennedy would be replaced by long-form news programming.

“Due to the demands of the evolving pandemic crisis coverage, we are deploying all resources from both shows for staffing needs during critical market hours,” the network said in a statement.

There was no indication that Regan’s statement calling the attention on the coronavirus a “scam” played a role, and the Variety report noted that Fox Business bosses had circulated a memo indicating that the network would be devoting more resources to the news. But the memo also urged on-air hosts to remember that people were looking to them to stay informed with accurate information, saying “we are providing an important public service to our audience by functioning as a resource for all Americans.”

Regan was one of a number of Fox News hosts to initially downplay the coronavirus, following early statements from Trump. The president has been criticized for his slow early response, spending weeks downplaying the severity of the coronavirus and claiming that it would soon disappear in the United States.