Savannah Prez Rocks Red Leggings And A Black Sports Bra For New Upper Body Workout Video On Instagram

Belgian fitness model Savannah Prez went outdoors for an upper body workout in the most recent video on her Instagram page. In the shared clips, the brown-haired beauty exercised on a lawn in front of a wood fence while wearing a pair of red leggings and a black sports bra.

Savannah started her workout with a series of shoulder presses with an isometric hold. For this move, she held one weight plate out to the side as she pressed another one above her head with the opposite arm. In her caption, she recommended doing 10 reps on each side for four rounds.

In the second clip, she knocked out a set of push-ups before moving on to a set of hammer curls. The latter exercise required her to pull both of the weight plates up to her shoulders simultaneously. Her caption suggested doing four sets of eight reps of the push-ups and four sets of 10 reps for the hammer curls.

Back rows into tricep extensions came next. Savannah leaned forward for the first exercise and pulled the weights toward her, and then she extended her arms backward for the tricep extensions.

The fitness star's new post has been liked more than 12,000 times as of this writing, and over 150 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, Savannah's fans sent her lots of effusive praise.

"You look so so good," one person wrote before adding a fire emoji to their comment. "You are such a role model for me to get to my goal. your shape!"

Savannah saw the compliment and thanked the commenter for it.

"Great workout and exercises," another fan added. "Keep up the excellent work."

"Goodness, you are so beautiful and I aspire to be so strong and also have a strong looking body," a third supporter remarked.

And one follower claimed that their gym membership was no longer necessary because of Savannah's workout videos.

"Girl, after seeing aand falling for how you train at home, I no longer need a gym..... Lol!!! Thanks so much, and love you long time!!!!"

Savannah worked out with weight plates in the previous workout video on her Instagram page as well. Wearing a pink sports bra and purple shorts, she focused on her extremely chiseled quads and completed sets of lunges, squats and jump lunges to train them. She also promoted her paid at-home workout program via the caption under the post.

"We're in this together guys and I'm here to help you!!" she wrote.