Anita Herbert Shows Off Chiseled Figure In Mesh Crop Top And Patterned Shorts For 'Booty Builder' Video Series

Hungarian fitness model Anita Herbert showed fans how they can build their glutes with resistance bands in the most recent video series on her Instagram page. In the shared clips, the brunette bombshell rocked a black mesh crop top over a strappy sports bra and paired those with white and black patterned shorts. Armed with an extra-long resistance band, she started the workout with several hip thrust variations.

For the first one, she placed each foot through either end of the band and stretched it upward onto her lower abdomen. Bracing her back against a bed, she raised her torso and pelvis upward, stretching the band as she did so.

"You wanna make sure you pause on the top and squeeze your glutes," she said during the clip.

In the next video, she showed fans how to do hip thrusts with shorter bands. The technique was mostly the same except that she placed the ends of the band closer to the heels of her feet.

In the third clip, she did a single leg version of the exercise which required her to position the band under one heel and stretch it to one side of her midsection. She then raised the other leg and kept it bent as she lifted her hips and lowered them.

Anita added a second resistance band to the routine in the fourth video for a fourth hip thrust variation. She wrapped it around her knees and used the first one in the same way that she did in clip number one.

For her fifth type of hip thrust, Anita went back to using one resistance band. She placed it around her knees and then lifted one leg as she elevated her hips.

Hip thrusts with abduction pulses came next and this exercise also required two resistance bands. Anita placed one around her lower shins and the other was positioned above her knees. When she raised her hips, she spread her knees repeatedly to complete the set of abduction pulses

Anita followed that exercise with a series of sumo squat pulses with a resistance band below her knees and another around the middle of her shins. She kept the bands in the same position for the last exercise in the circuit, a set of squat jumps.

The post has been liked more than 15,000 times as of this writing and more than 400 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, fans showered her with lots of compliments.

"Great video; very intense," one fan wrote. "And you look fantastic and very lovely."

Others thanked her for sharing at-home workout routines that build the glutes.

"Cannot wait to try this!! Thank u for giving me these fabulous booty workout ideas while at home," a second commenter added.

"Thank you so much!!! I don't have weights at home you are amazing thank you for all your tips!!" a third supporter gushed.