Carrie Ann Inaba And Erin Andrews Talk ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Dream Celebs And Coronavirus Beauty Problems

David LivingstonGetty Images

Dancing with the Stars co-stars Carrie Ann Inaba and Erin Andrews caught up via video chat for an episode of “The Talk Chat Room,” as seen on YouTube.

The two women touched on a number of topics during their conversation, including the coronavirus pandemic and the future of the reality competition that they both appear on. Erin was talking about what she’s been watching while she’s been stuck at home when she mentioned one of the celebrities that she’d love to see on Season 29 of Dancing with the Stars.

“Can we please—and I hope to goodness that we have a season—but can we please get Dan Levy on our show?” Erin asked.

Carrie Ann agreed that the Schitt’s Creek star would be an excellent addition to the cast of celebrity competitors. However, the judge’s dream contestant was a much bigger name. According to Carrie Ann, DWTS producer Andrew Llinares told her to “go big” when he asked her to come up with ideas for who to reach out to, so she did just that.

“I’m going for Keanu Reeves this year,” Carrie Ann said. “I’m just going there. Why not?”

The chat originally aired on Instagram Live, and Carrie Ann liked one viewer’s suggestion — Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam. However, Erin confessed that she had never heard of the actor and went on to name a popular country music star.

“Carrie Underwood, I would say yes, but I’m sure she’s over reality shows,” Erin said of the American Idol winner.

As for whether Dancing with the Stars will return in the fall, Carrie Ann revealed that there’s been no confirmation that this will happen. She noted that “everything’s kind of up in the air” with the entire entertainment world right now, but the hope is that Season 29 will air later this year.

DWTS pros Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson also seem to be optimistic about the show returning. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the couple has revealed that some of their top picks for Season 29 contestants include stars of the Netflix docuseries Cheer.

Fans of DWTS are used to seeing Erin and Carrie Ann all glammed up for the show, but the two women revealed that practicing social distancing has made it difficult to maintain their hair, nails, and skin. Erin responded to a viewer who noticed that her forehead was moving, proving that it was Botox-free.

“Yes, I definitely missed an appointment,” Erin said.

The host stated that she’s been spending some of her free time attacking the blackheads on her face herself, and she showed off the only remaining three gel nails from her last manicure. Erin also revealed that she’s been plucking gray hairs from her head, which Carrie Ann advised her not to do.

“My weave is holding on by a thread,” Erin remarked.

Erin said that she was tempted to cut her hair extensions out herself, but she reassured her stylist that she would not. Carrie Ann revealed that she’s also been experiencing weave issues, and a lack of professional hair maintenance hasn’t been the only big change to her beauty routine; she told Erin that she had to do her own makeup for their interview. You can watch the entire chat below.