Monday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Carly's Shenanigans Get Results For Wiley

Monday's episode of General Hospital will seemingly bring a new chapter in the Wiley saga. During Friday's show, Carly tried to reason with Nelle in regard to the consent for Wiley's surgery. It almost worked, but then Nelle pulled back and again refused to sign the paperwork. Then, Carly locked her on the rooftop and the action will pick up again during the March 30 show.

Carly's plan with locking Nelle on the rooftop is surely to force her nemesis to sign the paperwork in exchange for getting back into General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that it will work, although this may eventually come back to bite her in some way.

The preview for Monday shows Carly being asked what made "her" change her mind. It seems that this is probably Carly being asked how she managed to change Nelle's mind about signing the consent paperwork. Will Carly confess to how far she had to go to get Nelle to fall in line?

SheKnows Soaps details that during the March 30 show, Nelle will confront Carly. Given how Friday's episode ended, with Carly locking the door and Nelle immediately realizing what had happened, it is easy to see what it is that prompts this upcoming confrontation.

It does sound as if Carly's decision to lock Nelle on the rooftop will lead to a signature and that the surgery will go forward. Given how shady and manipulative Nelle tends to be, it might come as a surprise that she doesn't somehow tell Monica or other GH staff that she signed under duress.

It could be that she decides to just let the surgery happen and move forward, despite her fears, or she may already be planning retaliation against Carly in some other way.

Next Tuesday brings good news from Monica, which seems like it will be a successful surgery for Wiley. That's the good news, but General Hospital spoilers hint that the drama between Michael and Nelle is nowhere near finished.

During the week of April 6, Michael will consider the best path forward, and this is certainly a reference to trying to win the ongoing custody battle with Nelle. In addition, viewers will get an entire episode focusing on Carly, delving into her younger years, and that may provide some interesting context to how she deals with Nelle in the present day.

It sounds as if Nelle's presence in Port Charles will continue for a while. She'll be working with Nina, she'll cross paths with Valentin, and she'll keep battling for Wiley. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that she will run into plenty of obstacles as she tries to accomplish her goals, and viewers are ready to see it happen.