Maryland First-Grader Gives Up Savings To Provide Groceries To Those In Need In Wake Of Coronavirus Outbreak

'Your motivation is useless unless you get up and do something about it,' says 7-year-old Cavanaugh Bell.

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'Your motivation is useless unless you get up and do something about it,' says 7-year-old Cavanaugh Bell.

Cavanaugh Bell of Gaithersburg, Maryland, may be only 7 years old but he is already doing everything he can to help those in need due to the coronavirus pandemic. Bell gave up his savings, which totaled $600 that he had received for past birthdays and Christmases. He used the money to help create COVID-19 care packs and to distribute meals to those facing hard times, according to Tank’s Good News.

Bell headed to the store to pick up necessities that someone trapped in their home due to a pre-existing health condition or old age would most likely need. These included cereal, fruit, tuna, bleach, dishwasher detergent, mouthwash, and other items that one wouldn’t want to be stuck without. He will be stuffing packs with these items and he and his mother will be personally delivering them to senior citizens. This way, they won’t have to go to the grocery store and put themselves at risk.

Bell was inspired to take part in this project because of his love for his own grandmother, whom he did not want to see risking her life by going to the supermarket.

“My grandma is my best friend, and she walks to the grocery store every day. So I thought she shouldn’t be walking to grocery store because it’s coronavirus season,” he said.

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???????? LET ME REINTRODUCE MYSELF ???????? Thank you for ALL of your support and love! Because spreading positivity is what Cool & Dope is all about. If you don’t know me… my name is Cavanaugh and I’m from Maryland. I’ve been on a mission to change the world since I was 5. That’s when I helped my mom raise $4,300 to buy a semi-truck full of water for elderly residents in Flint, MI during the summer of 2018! I loved how it made me feel to help people I didn’t know that I begged my mom to let me create a community pantry to help those in need in our community. And even after people took all of the supplies, I didn’t give up! So, in November 2018 I asked people to donate $6 for my 6th birthday and guess what?!?! I got over $1,100 in donations and I made carepacks for the homeless with it! AND my mom even took me all the way to Atlanta to give some of the money to the nonprofit called @hopethrusoap! But I wanted to do EVEN more!!! Because when I was bullied, I knew how bad it made me feel. But I also knew that when I helped others it made me feel so beautiful inside. That’s why I started my nonprofit January of 2019, Cool & Dope at just 6 years old so that I could stop bullying, raise awareness about youth suicide AND show the world that kids can have an impact no matter their age! So, I’ve done all types of giveback campaigns to spread love everywhere I go! And, if you’ve landed here to learn more about me, then I need your good vibes (and your kind heart) to help me spread love so that we can get through this scary time together. Plus, with more love and kindness all over the world, I know you can help me put an end to bullying too!! If you’re down for positivity and making the world a better place drop a ???? in the comments. #antibullying #nonprofit #changemaker #chooselove #choosekindness #bullyingendswithus ????????

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After hearing about Bell’s selfless efforts to assist those affected by COVID-19, many social media users have caught wind of his hard work. Many of these individuals have inquired about how they can help through means of monetary donations. Bell is open to receiving financial contributions and will use these gestures of generosity to continue to give back to the members of his community who are most in need during this time, he explained in a recent Instagram post. He emphasized that no donation is too small to be of great value.

“Thank you SO much everyone who has donated. I wanted to help as many people as possible and you guys came through! And because LOVE is Greater Than COVID-19, I’m so excited to share that I’ll be launching a Community Pantry! My goal is to help 1,000 people.
Can you help me help others? If you’d like to donate to keep the pantry stocked and help me reach my goal. $5… $10… $20… whatever you can spare will help me help my community.”

Other compassionate young people like Bell have been working hard to help others during this time. As The Inquisitr previously reported, a teenage girl from California named Shaivi Shah has been busy creating sanitation kits for the homeless of her community.