Savannah Prez Rocks Pink Sports Bra And Purple Shorts For Latest Lower Body Workout Video On Instagram

Dutch fitness model Savannah Prez trained her lower body in the most recent at-home workout video series she posted to her Instagram page.

Dressed in a pink sports bra and purple shorts, the buff bombshell started the circuit with a series of squats. For this exercise, she held two weight plates on her shoulders, bent her legs at a brisk pace, and lowered her body until her glutes hovered a short distance above the ground. In her caption, she recommended doing four sets of 20 repetitions.

Next, she tackled a set of levitation squats into pistol squats. The levitation squats required her to lean forward while holding the barbell plate in front of her and partially swinging one leg behind her. Then she kicked that leg forward and lowered her body for the pistol squats. Her caption suggested doing four sets of 10 reps on each side.

In the third video, Savannah knocked out a series of small stance static lunges. For this exercise, she took short steps backward while holding the weight plates on her shoulders. Then she repeatedly bent her knees and straightened them to complete her reps. Savannah followed those up with a series of jumping lunges.

In the final clip, the model lightened the mood of her post by doing a couple of dances before she performed a set of "V-squat" jumps while holding a weight plate in front of her chest.

As of this writing, the post has been liked over 20,000 times and received more than 400 comments. In those messages, fans who are quarantining because of the coronavirus thanked her for the video updates.

"I'm working through grief & depression, the virus isolation and here in Utah we've been rocked by numerous earthquakes/aftershocks," one person wrote. "Keep your videos coming because it gives me something to focus on while getting my body in shape! Thank you!!!"

"In no funny way u really motivate me to stay healthy I just wanna thank u for actually training and nothing else," another added.

A third fan vouched for the difficulty of one of the exercises in the circuit.

"Those small stance static lunges are NO JOKE!! I did those with 15lbs KB on each shoulder and wow," they remarked.

Others expressed their appreciation for her dancing in the final video in the series.

"Loving those dance moves," quipped a fourth fan. "Thank you for making me smile during these dreary times."