'Irreplaceable' James Bond Gun Collection Stolen During A Burglary In North London

Three thieves broke into a private home in Enfield, North London on Monday, March 23 at 8 p.m. There, they stole five deactivated guns that have been used as props by actors in several James Bond movies, The Guardian reported. Among other weapons taken, some of the 007 guns included ones used by Roger Moore. The Metropolitan Police was said to have described the collection as "irreplaceable," according to BBC.

Also stolen were a Beretta Cheetah pistol and a Beretta Tomcat pistol used in Die Another Day, as well as the famous Walther PPK handgun used in A View To A Kill were among those taken. Another notable gun missing is a Wesson.44 Magnum handgun that was used in Live And Let Die. Detective Inspector Paul Ridley explained that the guns were custom-made for individual James Bond movies, and that they would be highly recognizable if offered to anyone for sale.

By the time police officers arrived at the scene, the three intruders had escaped in a silver vehicle. Authorities suspect that the individuals forced their way in through the back of the house where they absconded with the guns, estimated to be worth £100,000 or more than $122,000.

"The Magnum is the only one in the world ever made in which the whole gun is finished in chrome. It has a six-and-a-half inch barrel and wood grips. The Walther PPK was the last gun used by Roger Moore in 'A View to a Kill,'" said Ridley according to BBC.

The Metropolitan Police are urging anyone with information to come forward–including those who may have been offered the guns for sale. The homeowner is a movie memorabilia collector who is understandably very upset and hopes to be reunited with the incredibly valuable collection.

At least part of the James Bond prop gun collection includes deactivated guns, according to BBC. This means that the firearms have been disabled and converted to prevent the weapon from discharging any kind of shot–including bullets and missiles as Deactivated Guns reports.

Once a firearm has been deactivated, the change is relatively permanent change and can only be reversed with special tools and skills. Weapons that are deactivated also typically have a proof mark and are given a deactivation certificate. As of November 2019, anyone who wishes to sell or gift a deactivated firearm to another individual must register the transaction with the United Kingdom Home Office. Additionally, both parties participating in the transaction must also participate in the registration, according to Deactivated Guns.