Fitness Model Lauren Simpson Shows Off Chiseled Physique In Lower Body Workout Video

A close-up of Lauren Simpson's head.
Lauren Simpson / Instagram

Lauren Simpson is a fitness model who often takes to popular social media platform Instagram to teach her 1.8 million followers some of her favorite workouts and exercises. The majority of her workouts target a specific area of the body, such as with the low impact lower body workout that she posted on Thursday.

The fitness model goes through the workout demonstration at home, writing in the caption that it’s her first workout after five weeks of recovery. The model recently went through major surgery. For the workout, Lauren wears a light blue matching top and bottom, which includes a sports bra with crisscrossing straps across the back and tiny booty shorts that end just below her backside. The outfit shows off plenty of skin and sculpted muscle, including her chiseled abdomen, arms, and legs. The model opts for a pair of gray ankle socks with pink stripes and no shoes.

Lauren wears her long, straight blond tresses up in a low ponytail to keep her hair out of her face as she works out. She lets a few strands fall loose around her face and tucked behind her ears. She also sports black mascara and eyeliner as well as glossy lips to complete the look.

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Low Impact Lower Body workout – ZERO EQUIPMENT ???????? – My first workout in over 5 weeks!! O M G it feels amazing to be moving again. It may not be as impressive as my heavy weight sessions but this is now where I rebuild from. I am not doing anything strenuous as per advice from my surgeon so I won’t be incorporating any weights, any isolated core work or anything overly exerting still for a couple of weeks. My energy is still focused on healing. – This workout is low impact as it doesn’t involve any jumping and is body weight only. – ????SUMO SQUAT with 3 second eccentric (lowering), 2 second pause at the bottom. ????LUNGES with triple pulse. ????SQUAT HOLD 3 POINT TOE TAP (this was a little more engaging on my core as it required more stability so I only did 1 round as I’m not pushing myself but filmed it so you had the option). ????STEP DOWN. Improve single leg strength but shortened range of motion until I have better coordination and stability again. ????EXTRA RANGE SIDE LYING LEG RAISE. – I aimed for 10-12 reps each exercise. I did just 2 circuits after my stretching routine. In a couple days I’ll aim for 3 rounds. If you are in recovery mode or coming back from some time off just ease your way into things. ???????? – You have no idea how happy doing this today made me. BABY STEPS ???????? #comeback – Outfit: @ryderwear staples collection. This was a restock with some cute new colours. Baby blue ???? (LAUREN10)

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The post consists of six parts. The first is a photo of the model squatting with her back to the camera. She puts her sculpted booty on display as she flaunts her flexed thigh muscles. The following five parts are video demonstrations of the various lower body exercises that Lauren included in the workout circuit.

The exercises that Lauren performs are sumo squats, lunges, squat hold three point taps, step downs, and extra range side lying leg raises. In the caption of the post, the fitness trainer outlines each exercise and adds notes for her followers. The aim of the exercise circuit is to strengthen the lower body and avoid high-impact movements, such as jumping. She adds that each exercise should include 10-12 reps, explaining that she did two circuits after her stretching routine and hopes to add a third soon.

Also in the caption, Lauren tells her followers that it feels amazing to be moving again. The heavy-weight lifter won’t be touching weights for a while longer and her energy is still focused on healing.

The post earned over 15,000 likes and hundreds of comments on the first day of being posted. The model’s fans congratulated her on getting back into working out and told her that she serves as an inspiration for them.

“You’re such a good role model. So proud of you,” one Instagram user commented.