Michie Peachie Lifts A Couch While Rocking Blue Biker Shorts And Sports Bra In New Instagram Videos

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Fitness model Michie Peachie found an innovative way to incorporate a piece of furniture into her workout in the latest video series on her Instagram page. In the shared clips, the brunette beauty used a couch as a substitute for a barbell, as she modified some exercises typically seen at the gym into their at-home equivalents.

Michie started the circuit with a series of kneeling squats. For this exercise, she placed one end of the couch on her shoulder as she knelt in front of it. Then, she raised her torso and pelvis upward lifting the couch as she did so. In her caption, she suggested doing the exercise”until failure.” She also advised viewers to bring their hips fully forward during the exercise.

In the second video, Michie did a set of seated calf raises. She placed the same end of the couch on her knees, using a yellow pillow to cushion the weight. Then she raised her heels which also elevated the couch. In her caption, she encouraged fans to flex their calves as much as they could and to use a slow, controlled movement when doing so.

Then Michie moved on to doing Bulgarian split squats. For this exercise, she rested one foot on the chair behind her and then lifted the couch. After a set of those, she did a pile squat which also required her to lift the couch. On this move, however, Michie spread her knees while she did so. She also got on her tiptoes at the top of the exercise.

Standing calf raises were the final exercise in the circuit which meant that she also had to stand upright in front of the sofa. She then lifted the piece of furniture as she got on her tiptoes.

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QUARANTINE COUCH LEGDAY ???? I TOLD YOU WE WEREN’T F*CKING AROUND NO MORE… AND NOW WE’RE GETTIN FANCY WITH IT ???????????? – ????SOUND ON FOR INSPO???? SAFETY FIRST????????‍♀️(please wear all protective gym gear you got, including shoesies) OK GIRLS, this heavy LEGDAY routine is going to hit the whole enchilada! We got heavy moves for BOOTY, QUADS, HAMS, AND CALVES!! – ROUTINE 4 SETS / REPS TO FAILURE: 1️⃣couch kneeling squat: for these I actually don’t want you to use your full range of motion. Notice how I do go all the way down, but when I rise, my hips don’t come all the way forward. This is so we can keep the couch on our back and be safe, if you were to bring your hips fully forward, you’d either lose the couch or die or just end up using your upper body to hold it up.. so don’t! Now remember to keep a straight back and use cushion under your knees for all this pushin. 2️⃣couch seated calf raise: this is a great one. Place a cushion on top of your knees for comfort. Lay the edge of the couch right on top of your knees, and make sure to sit in a sturdy chair. Make sure to flex as high as you can. And avoid going too fast. 3️⃣couch Bulgarian split squat: use a sturdy chair to rest your foot. Push off the heel of your standing foot, to lift the weight. Repeat other leg 4️⃣couch pile squat into calf raise: get into a very wide leg stance with toes out. The stance should be wide enough and toes pointed out enough, that you can easily pick up the couch and glide it along your knees as you raise up and come down. Finish the top of each squat, with a calf raise. 5️⃣couch standing calf raise: very easily executed. Just make sure to keep your back straight when picking up the couch to start off. Keep feet together and do slow reps with full range of motion by flexing as high as you can. The rest of your body should be stiff and straight. Keep shoulders back. – #quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantinechallenge #qurantineworkout #homeworkout #homeexercises #couchworkout #chairworkout #athomeworkouts

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The post has been liked more than 12,000 times and more than 300 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, fans showered her with praise for the creativity of her workouts.

“You’re so incredibly creative and so fantastic,” one person wrote. “So, awesome job gorgeous. Stay safe. You motivate so much.”

Others vouched for the effectiveness of the moves she included in the workout videos.

“I actually did this at home and it definitely worked,” another fan added.

“Wow, this is so creative Michie!! U are awesome,” a third said.

Others gushed over Michie and her physical attractiveness.

“Get it beautiful,” a fourth fan commented. ” Gorgeous angel queen/princessita. Stunning like a queen, radiant as the sun, and, shine brighter than a diamond.”