Ashleigh Jordan Rocks Bright Blue Sports Bra And Gray Biker Shorts For ‘Booty Band’ Workout On Instagram

Ashleigh Jordan snaps a selfie
Ashleigh Jordan / Instagram

Fitness model Ashleigh Jordan brought out her exercise band for the latest video series on her Instagram page. The blond bombshell rocked a gray pair of biker shorts and a bright blue cropped tank top for the outdoor workout session.

For the circuit focused on building the glutes, Ashleigh started things off with banded broad jumps. In this exercise, she placed the band above her knees and took a big leap in front of her before shuffling backward to her original spot. In the caption, she recommended doing three sets of 10 reps.

Then she moved on to doing banded duck walks, which required her to get in a squat position and to take diagonal steps forward with the band above her knees like the first video. Her caption suggested doing 20 reps per set and to complete three sets.

Banded frog pumps came next, which meant that Ashleigh had to lie on her back with the soles of her feet pressed against each other and knees apart. She then lifted her pelvis and pausing to squeeze her glutes at the top of the exercise before she lowered her body.

In the fourth and final clip in the series, Ashleigh knocked out a set of banded glute kickbacks. She got on her hands and knees for this one and placed the band on her mid-thigh area. She then kicked one leg behind her and then lowered it, using a slow, controlled movement as she did so.

The post has accumulated more than 30,000 likes as of this writing and more than 350 Instagram users have commented thus far. In the comments section, fans asked Ashleigh lots of questions about her exercise bands.

In one of her replies, Ashleigh informed her supporters that they were from her activewear brand NVGTN. However, unfortunately for anyone who wants to get her bands, the company’s online shop is on hiatus. Ashleigh previously stated that their new stock will not be available until April 11.

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BOOTY BAND ???????? . TAG a friend! . Here are 4 killer glute exercises that can be done anywhere, with or without a band! ???????? Highly recommend blasting your favorite music (respectfully blasting if you live in an apartment lol), putting on your favorite workout fit and go kill it ???????????? . 1️⃣ Banded broad jumps- 3×10 2️⃣ Banded duck walks- 3×20 3️⃣ Banded frog pumps- 4×20 4️⃣ Banded kickback- 4×20 each leg . @brettstir ???????? Outfit- @nvgtn Next Launch: April 11th, 10AM est ___________________________ #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitlife #workout #workoutmotivation #workoutvideo #homeworkout #glutes #gluteworkout #legday #legworkout #homeworkout #squatbooty #healthylifestyle #happiness #positivevibes #tampa #florida

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Other commenters thanked her for sharing the workout demonstration.

“I feel like you read my mind, I literally just bought resistance bands omg,” an Instagram user added.

“THANK YOU! For doing more home workouts! I have bands but I’m dying without the gym! Arms are the hardest for me bc I don’t have weights. I’m so happy to see your post!” a second gushed

Another vouched for the difficulty of the exercises that Ashleigh included in her workout.

“The banded duck squat is a real burner,” they wrote.

A fourth fan made a request for a future workout video.

“Can you do a video with flexibility exercises?” they asked. “I would love to work on that 🙂 Thanks! You are awesome.”