Valeria Orsini Flaunts Sideboob In Nude Bikini

Valeria Orsini takes a selfie.
Valeria Orsini / Instagram

Valeria Orsini shared a video with her Instagram fans a few days ago on how to make face masks to help those dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, but she was back to sharing her usual steamy posts yesterday. The model showed off her eye-catching sideboob in a nude bikini as she posed on a rock at the ocean.

In the photo, Valeria sat with her right shoulder facing the camera. She spread her knees a little and propped herself up with her right hand. She closed her eyes as she was seemingly photographed in the middle of playing with her hair. Her left hand was in the air with her locks flying about behind her.

The model’s nude bikini top was very small and hugged the middle of her chest. It also had thick, sparkling straps that added to the glam vibes. Her matching bottoms had the same glittering accents on the sides of her hips.

Valeria rocked a matching makeup application that included extra-long lashes, shimmery peach eyeshadow, and dark pink lipstick. She kept the focus entirely on her toned body and didn’t wear any jewelry.

Valeria posed on a brown rock formation with the ocean visible behind her. The snap was taken on a cloudy day and there were only a few small patches of blue sky that peeked through.

The photographer, Arfa, was credited with a tag in the post, along with hairstylist Danny Newsham.

The share has been liked over 34,400 times so far. Many of Valeria’s followers seemed stunned by the dazzling photo.

“Always we should looks straight ahead! Lord you’re so gorgeous bless you,” raved a supporter, referring to her encouraging caption.

“That’s a stunning shot of you,” declared a second social media user.

Others referred to the coronavirus lockdowns.

“This makes quarsntine [sic] survivable this and your live workouts!” exclaimed an admirer.

“Love the mask you and you mama showed the public.. Showed my mama too.. And fam,” wrote a fourth supporter.

Valeria often posts bikini photos, and she shared another one on March 16. That time, she opted for a black swimsuit that included a top with ruffle accents at the bottom. She struck the Bambi pose and angled her body towards the camera as she played with her hair with one hand. The model gazed into the distance with a big smile on her face and stood on a sandy beach with a small cave visible behind her.