Waka Flocka & Tammy Rivera Discuss The Importance Of Transparency For Their New WeTV Show

Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka Flame attend the 2019 BET Social Awards
Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame and his wife, Tammy Rivera, recently discussed what fans can expect from their new reality tv show.

Earlier this month, the couple launched their new show, Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka. The series follows the couple’s lives and their careers. The pair have been married for several years and have appeared in other reality shows in the past.

Hollywood Life reports that Waka and Tammy appeared on Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta, Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, and Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta before they ventured out on their own.

Tammy shared with the outlet why it was important for her and Waka to have this show be different from their previous appearances. The fashion designer said that the couple had been in talks with networks for the possibility of a show for years. She also said that they both wanted to make sure that their family was portrayed in an honest light before agreeing to be on the show. In addition to the couple, Waka’s mother, Deb Antney, and their daughter, Charlie, make several appearances on the series.

“It wasn’t that we weren’t too focused on it, or pressed about our own show, it was just tasking,” Rivera recalls. “That’s just what happened. It happened that the timing was right and we, like you said, are no strangers to reality TV. So, for us, it was just being our artistic self, and the cameras are just there, and sometimes you forget the cameras are even there.”

Tammy also admitted that, because they are in the moment and not paying attention to the cameras around them, both she and Waka have said things they probably shouldn’t have. She says that while that does happen to them often, she feels that it makes their show more realistic and shows them in their natural element.

“It’s being transparent. You can have a TV show about your own family and show only good things and only the perfect things,” Rivera began. “Or you could be real and honest, and be like, ‘Hey, this is what it is.'”

Rivera and Waka shared that the response from the six-episode season has been positive thus far. Rivera shared that the first episode, which aired on Thursday, March 19, had low ratings at first. She claimed that the low ratings were due to the audience being worried about the coronavirus.

While her husband had said last week that he didn’t think the virus is real, Rivera understood why people weren’t tuning in to television as much at the time. She then said that, since many people are being advised to stay home, she thinks the show will gain more viewers in the upcoming weeks.