June 26, 2014
'The Mentalist' Season 7 Spoilers: Another Woman Enters The Picture, Will She Come Between Jisbon?

The Mentalist season 7 begins filming soon, and since the finale of season 6, spoilers have leaked about what's next for Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney). The pair will explore their relationship when the new season gets underway. As to how romantic their relationship is right away is unknown, but the last thing they'll need is another hurdle after coming this far.

It's also unclear how long things will be harmonious for them if that's the route they take. In a line of work that requires so much undivided attention, it can be strenuous on any relationship. What if another woman enters the picture just when Jisbon are discovering each other?

TV Line updates fans under its "Ask Auseillo" column about the latest spoilers for season 7. Ausiello reveals this about what's to come on The Mentalist:

"A new woman is about to enter Patrick Jane's (professional) life. The CBS drama is casting the series regular role of Michelle Vega, a rookie FBI agent who is a student of combat and weaponry and is unfazed by high-pressure situations (such as when the show awaited that 11th-hour renewal)."
Of course, just because Michelle Vega will be working near the other characters as an FBI rookie, doesn't mean she'll be an immediate threat to Jane and Lisbon. Who knows, she might be romantically paired with Cho -- who really needs someone to love him.

KPopStarz has a compilation of spoilers as the source updates readers of the show. As The Mentalist showrunner, Bruno Heller, tells Entertainment Weekly:

"It's much faster paced, more thrilling, more action, more surprises. We'll still be delivering those mysteries every week. But just as you see with the last episode of the season, there's no more tracking and more chasing."
With Vega being a trained student in combat and weaponry, her skills will come in handy for season 7's thriller-action theme. Expect her to be the one leading the chase, kicking butt, and taking names. Given the brief description of this character, she's amazingly resilient to dangerous situations.

In narrowing down when shooting picks up again, parts of it will be in July and the full crew starts taping in August. Writers have been working on scripts a while now. It shouldn't be too long before we find out what actress will portray Michelle Vega.

Is there anyone you would like to see fill this action-packed role?

The Mentalist season 7 premieres late Fall of 2014 on CBS.

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