Courteney Cox Says She Is Binge-Watching ‘Friends’ During Quarantine Because She Doesn’t Remember Most Of It

The star is preparing herself for the sitcom's upcoming reunion special, which is set to air on HBO Max in May.

Courteney Cox poses as she attends the 'The Last Ship' Opening Night Premiere
Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Getty Images

The star is preparing herself for the sitcom's upcoming reunion special, which is set to air on HBO Max in May.

Courteney Cox recently shared the slightly surprising way she is passing the time during the coronavirus quarantine: by binge-watching her own hit show, Friends.

The sitcom star admitted she was revisiting one of the most notable notches on her resume while appearing as a remote guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, People reported. The talk show was broadcast via YouTube rather than in the studio due to the global health crisis.

During the segment, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel questioned the 55-year-old about the upcoming Friends reunion special that is set to air on HBO Max in May. Cox revealed that the iconic group of pals was supposed to head into the studio on Monday and Tuesday of this week to film the highly anticipated television event, though it has been postponed due to the spread of COVID-19. In the meantime, the actress is brushing up on her knowledge of the classic sitcom that ran from 1994-2004.

“I decided during this time — you know, people love the show so much — I decided to binge-watch Friends,” Cox admitted. “I just started season one, it’s really good!”

Cox explained that the main reason she decided to watch the television series — which she purchased on Amazon Prime — was that she simply does not remember being on it.

“I have such a bad memory,” the actress told Kimmel, who seemed shocked to learn of her forgetfulness.

“You don’t remember any Friends trivia?” he questioned.

“I remember obviously loving everybody there and having fun, and I remember certain times in my life when I was there. But I don’t remember episodes. I would never pass, I would fail every test,” Cox explained.

Despite admitting her lack of knowledge of her own show, Kimmel still put Cox to the test by having her compete against his superfan cousin, Anthony, in a round of Friends trivia. The pair went head-to-head through five rounds of questions centered solely around Cox’s character, Monica Geller, and though she seemed to recognize a few of the scenarios, the star ultimately lost the game, five to zero.

While Cox’s Friends knowledge may not quite be up to par yet, she is still very excited to be reuniting with the rest of the cast for the upcoming reunion special. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the actress recently revealed during an appearance on Kevin Nealon’s web series, Hiking With Kevin, that the event would be the first time that the group would be getting together to talk about the show.

“We really haven’t all done that and actually sat there and talked about and reminisced about this incredible experience that we had,” she said. “It’s gonna be fantastic.”