Yaslen Clemente Stretches In Skintight Leggings And Low-Cut Sports Bra, But Her Cat Steals The Show

Yaslen's feline friend also did a little stretching.

Yaslen Clemente takes a mirror selfie.
Yaslen Clemente / Instagram

Yaslen's feline friend also did a little stretching.

Petite powerhouse Yaslen Clemente led her Instagram followers through a stretching routine in her latest fitness video. The popular model’s amorous admirers never seem to tire of watching her workout in revealing athletic wear, but this time a feisty feline stole the show by showing Yaslen how to stretch like a cat.

In the caption of her post, Yaslen revealed that she was demonstrating a few different stretches that her fans could use to work on their flexibility at home. For her series of videos, the blond bombshell rocked a white sports bra with a plunging V-neck that put her perky bust on full display. The garment had a crisscross back and thick shoulder straps.

Yaslen’s bottoms were a pair of pastel green workout leggings that clung to her curves. The skintight pants also had a scrunch back that accentuated her pert posterior.

Yaslen’s post included a still shot of the model showing off her impressive flexibility by performing a front split and bending over so that her elbows were resting on the floor. This was followed by a video of the fitness enthusiast standing with her legs spread apart, briefly grabbing her ankles, and placing the palms of her hands on the floor out in front of her.

She then stretched each leg individually, beginning with her right leg. She grabbed her ankle and brought her forehead down as close to it as she could before switching sides. This video concluded with Yaslen performing a few sumo squats while keeping her hands behind her ankles.

One of Yaslen’s cats, a fluffy gray Persian, decided to hop up on the couch while she was performing a deep lunge stretch. However, it was her sleek white-and-black kitty, Zorro, who really played to her audience. He decided to join her while she was lying on the floor and pulling her left knee to her chest.

The cat flopped down and rolled over on his back with his body stretched out. He hit Yaslen’s right shoulder with his back legs as he was moving around. Zorro’s antics broke Yaslen’s concentration and made her laugh.

Yaslen’s furry workout buddy then proceeded to attack her right arm before stretching back out to do a little post-exercise grooming.

Zorro was back at it in Yaslen’s final video. He couldn’t keep his paws off her hands as she tried to perform a few more stretches on the floor. Her gray kitty also returned, choosing to hop back on the couch instead of joining the workout.

Yaslen’s cats were a big hit with her 1.7 million Instagram followers.

“Y’all got the cutest fur family,” read one response to her video.

“Awww! Your cat is so cute,” another fan wrote.

“Kitties wants in on the action” a third admirer remarked. “So damn adorable.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Yaslen entertained her fans over the weekend with another workout video with a fun twist. It included some salsa dancing and another brief Zorro cameo.