Melania Trump Dragged On Twitter For Telling Parents To Make Sure Their Kids Are Practicing Online Safety

'Please check on Donald, Donald Jr., and Eric. They're all getting way too much screen time!,' wrote one user.

First Lady Melania Trump speaks at the National Opioid Summit at the U.S. Department of Justice
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'Please check on Donald, Donald Jr., and Eric. They're all getting way too much screen time!,' wrote one user.

First lady Melania Trump is drawing criticism and snark on Twitter for reminding parents to keep an eye on their kids and make sure they’re practicing “online safety.”

On Thursday morning, Mrs. Trump tweeted a message to parents. Right now, millions of schoolchildren across the country are at home, rather than at school, and parents are doing the best they can to keep the kids educated, or at the very least, out of trouble. The first lady noted that, during this time, some kids may be spending some time on the internet, unsupervised, which can be a bad combination.

“While most children are at home during this challenging time, they tend to be on social media throughout the day. Parents, please be sure to check on them regularly to be sure they’re practicing online safety,” she tweeted.

That the first lady would tweet about children and online safety is on-brand for her, as she’s been an advocate for children’s online safety, via her “Be Best” initiative, her main cause as first lady.

However, since the beginning of the initiative, the juxtaposition of Melania focusing on online bullying and her husband’s habit of using Twitter to berate and belittle his adversaries has been a source of mockery and consternation for some people.

Thursday was no exception.

Two users, for example, suggested that Melania need only look to her husband if she’s concerned about the online safety of children.

Another user suggested that Melania look to her stepchildren, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, if she’s interested in discouraging online bullying.

Another user suggested that one way to keep kids safe online is to keep them as far away as possible from Donald Trump’s online presence.

Another referenced Melania’s modeling history, during which some of her photo shoots have produced images that can be considered a bit risque.

Another Twitter user referenced a controversial incident that took place during the Trump presidency. As reported at the time by The Inquisitr, as the news headlines were dominated by stories of migrant children separated from their parents and placed into detention camps, Melania showed up for a tour of a detention facility wearing a jacket that bore the message, “I really don’t care, do u?”

Despite the negative reaction Melania is getting on Twitter, the matter of children being potentially exposed to sexual predators during the coronavirus lockdown is being taken seriously by the FBI. In a March 23 press release, the law enforcement agency warned that parents need to be extra vigilant during these times, as sexual predators may take advantage of the lockdown to try to make contact with vulnerable children.