‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Raquel Leviss Blasts Bizarre Editing Of Lala Kent’s Apology For Calling Her ‘Dumb’

Tibrina HobsonGetty Images

Raquel Leviss is not happy with how one of her scenes was edited on Vanderpump Rules. The SURver and longtime girlfriend of James Kennedy responded to Instagram comments about her coffee date with Lala Kent in which they briefly addressed the blowout fight they had last year.

On Instagram, Vanderpump Rules fans noted that key exchanges appeared to have been cut from Lala’s mea culpa after Raquel brought up the fact that she called her “dumb” in the past, per Page Six.

During a meetup at a coffee shop, Raquel and Lala appeared to be on friendly terms before things took a slightly tense tone. Raquel started off by saying she didn’t appreciate Lala calling her “dumb” in the past and reiterated that she doesn’t want to spend time with someone who thinks that way of her.

“My time is very precious and I wouldn’t waste it on someone who I felt was a true idiot,” Lala responded.

Raquel then said that “meant so much” to her.

After one of Raquel’s Instagram followers wrote that it was “so sad” to see Lala not properly apologize for the things she said to her last year, Raquel responded with a now-deleted comment.

“You know what’s even more sad? Lala did apologize and they decided to edit that part out,” Raquel wrote.

She confirmed that the conversation was “much longer” than what was shown on Vanderpump Rules and that it was one of her favorite moments of filming because she and Lala “really connected” and were able to move on from their blowout fight.

While many Instagram commenters praised Raquel for standing up to Lala in the obviously cut-short scene, others expressed disappointment in editing because it made it look like Raquel would accept just any “crumb” from Lala.

Vanderpump Rules fans may recall the blowout scene in which Lala called the model a “Bambi-eyed b*tch” after accusing her of saying something about her late father, according to Bravo.com. She also called her a “dumb tw*t.” At the time, Raquel fired back to say she never said anything ill-mannered about Lala’s dad and she added that there’s no excuse for “purposefully” making someone feel inferior and then having no remorse about it.

Last year, Raquel defended herself at the Vanderpump Rules reunion, per Bravo.com. The model also made it clear that education is important to her. She studied kinesiology and pre-occupational therapy at Sonoma State University and she revealed that she plans to get her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy to help children with special needs.