Social Media Influencer Larz Claimed He Has Coronavirus After Toilet-Licking Challenge

A toilet seat used by clowns in England
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A popular TikTok and Twitter personality revealed he tested positive for the coronavirus only days after posting footage of himself licking a toilet bowl. This comes after the bizarre “Coronavirus Challenge” was started, which saw many people on social media putting their mouths to toilets.

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on in America and across the globe, many people have found themselves in lockdown as governments have urged the public to practice social distancing. Many celebrities have been keeping up with fans online through livestreams, but some social media stars have displayed odd behavior during these tumultuous times.

According to the New York Post, a social media prankster who goes by the handle GayShawnMendes on Twitter and Larz on TikTok posted a video of himself licking a toilet bowl on Friday. This was part of the “Coronavirus Challenge” which was popularized by Instagram model Ava Louise.

The video showed the online personality from California running his tongue across a toilet in a misguided effort to raise “awareness” for the respiratory illness.

“RT to spread awareness for the Coronavirus,” he tweeted, along with a smiling face emoji.

As reported by the outlet, only days after posting the viral video online, the 21-year-old became ill and took to Twitter to tell fans he had contracted COVID-19.

“I tested positive for Coronavirus,” he wrote on his Twitter account, which has since been suspended.

He also included a video in the tweet which showed him lying in a hospital bed.

Popular Twitter user Pardes Seleh shared the news of the prankster’s hospitalization with her followers, and they were less than sympathetic.

“I can’t think of anyone who deserves to get the coronavirus more,” one person replied.

“And these toilet lickers will get respirators before someone else’s grandparents will,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Make stupid pay the hospital bill,” a third follower demanded.

Others were puzzled that a challenge that asked people to lick toilet seats during a pandemic would ever catch on, and some worried for today’s youth.

“So…he lost that challenge? Or did he win it? These social media challenges are confusing to me,” another person replied.

“Eating Tide pods, licking toilets, seriously WTF is wrong w/Gen Z?! Is this what growing up indoors online no fresh air or playing outside does to kids?” a user asked.

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I got diagnosed with Coronavirus ????

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As previously covered by The Inquisitr, Ava Louise initially pulled off the stunt to make a statement. The influencer claimed it showed that licking toilets wasn’t as bad as “transphobia.”