Woody Allen Claims Timothée Chalamet Only Denounced Him To Improve His Chances Of Winning An Oscar

Woody Allen attends the "Wonder Wheel" screening / Timothee Chalamet attends "The King" UK Premiere
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In Woody Allen‘s new memoir Apropos of Nothing, the director made an explosive claim about actor Timothée Chalamet. Allen accused Chalamet of publically denouncing him because his publicist thought it would help improve his chances of winning an Academy Award for his performance in Call Me By Your Name, reports Too Fab.

Chalamet worked with Allen on the 2019 film A Rain Day in New York, but when the #MeToo movement kicked off, many people called attention to the child sexual abuse allegations made against Allen in 1992 by Dylan Farrow.

Every actor that continued to work with the director was heavily scrutinized, including the 24-year-old actor. Chalamet eventually apologized for working with Allen and publically denounced him. He also donated his earnings from A Rainy Day in New York to a charity.

Too Fab quoted a passage from Allen’s memoir. The director said the leads in his film were fantastic to work with, but afterward, he discovered that Chalamet had allegedly told Allen’s sister that he denounced the director to avoid backlash and improve his chances of winning an Academy Award.

“Timothée afterward publicly stated he regretted working with me and was giving the money to charity, but he swore to my sister he needed to do that as he was up for an Oscar for ‘Call Me by Your Name,’ and he and his agent felt he had a better chance of winning if he denounced me, so he did.”

In the Little Women star’s original Instagram post, he claimed he couldn’t speak about the allegations surrounding Allen due to his “contractual obligations.” Chalamet admitted to learning a lot about being pickier in selecting his acting roles.

In regards to working with Allen on A Rainy Day in New York specifically, Chalamet said he did not “want to profit from” his work on the movie. He pledged to donate his earnings to RAINN, Time’s Up, and an LGBT charity in New York.

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“I want to be worthy of standing shoulder to shoulder with the brave artists who are fighting for all people to be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve,” the actor concluded.

Chalamet was one of many actors who expressed regret over working with Allen. Ellen Page, Greta Gerwig, Rebecca Hall, and several others also denounced the director.

Mia Farrow accused her then-husband, Allen, of molesting her adopted daughter, Dylan. Allen later went on to marry Farrow’s other adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, after having an affair with her.

Allen made a few other controversial remarks in his memoir. The Inquisitr previously reported that he claimed to have married Previn solely for financial reasons.