Michie Peachie Rocks Curve-Hugging Navy Blue Bodysuit For New At-Home ‘Sock’ Workout

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Fitness model Michie Peachie showed fans how to incorporate a pair of socks into a lower body workout in the latest video series on her Instagram page. Dressed in a curve-hugging navy blue jumpsuit, a pair of gray socks, and a matching beanie on her head, the brunette bombshell started the workout with a series of sitting sliding floor kickbacks. For this exercise, she sat on the floor and leaned her body over to one side. With her foot tucked beneath her pelvis, Michie then glided the other leg along the floor in a semicircular motion. In her caption, she warned fans that the move is more challenging than it looks, but encouraged them to use the “full range of motion” of their active leg when attempting the exercise.

In the second clip, Michie moved on to doing sliding leg curls. For this exercise, she was on her back with her knees and hips raised. She then slid her feet forward, extending her legs in front of her body before reversing the move to complete one rep.

The third clip saw her perform a set of table makers into sliding leg abductions. Propping herself up on her arms, Michie elevated her torso, pelvis, and thighs until her body resembled a tabletop. Then she slid one foot forward before gliding it over to one side.

Michie stood up for the final exercise in the circuit, a set of sliding “Cossack” squats. For this exercise, she slid one leg out to the side heel first and bent her opposite leg until her thigh was parallel to the floor.

The video series has been liked more than 19,000 times and over 250 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, several fans shared their appreciation for the workout demonstration.

“You’re totally queen,” one person wrote. “Your exercises are very amazing simple and fun”

“You’re really creative and share so great workouts as always gorgeous,” another added.

“You are AMAZING your workouts make me feel elegant, poised and just beautiful,” a third Instagram user gushed.

Others expressed their admiration for Michie’s ability to maintain her balance with socks on.

“Omg, if I did these workouts like this in socks I’d be falling on my a**,” a fourth supporter remarked.

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QUARANTINE SOCK WORKOUT FOR KEEPING UP THE BOOTY AND LEGGIEZ/ bodysuit by @bombshellsportswear - SOUND ON???? allll these sock workouts I’ve been doing, got feelin like I’m coming straight out of flashdance ???? - REPS UNTIL FAILURE 4 SETS: 1️⃣sitting sliding floor kickback: this works your booty more than it looks. Make sure to use your full range of motion by bringing your foot all the way forward and all the way back, making a half circle around you. Repeat on other leg 2️⃣sliding leg curl: these aren’t easy, but totally worth it. You’re going to feel the fire. Lay down, bring feet legs together and pull in as far as you can while simultaneously raising your hips. 3️⃣table makers into sliding leg abductions: Raise hips to form a table, bring one leg straight out and abduct as far as you can to the side. Repeat with other leg 4️⃣sliding Cossack squat: brace yourself on one leg. Reach opposite leg out, bring toes up and sliding that leg down on its heel. Try to hip your hips straight as much as possible. Repeat with opposite leg - #quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantinechallenge #homeworkout #bodyweightworkout #bodyweightexercises #noequipmentworkout #noequipmentneeded #nogymnoproblem #bombshellsportswear

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Michie also got lots of comments about her bodysuit in the comments section. In her caption, she informed fans that the eye-catching workout attire was from Bombshell Sportswear, a brand that she has worn a lot in other workout videos. While she didn’t reveal the name of the design, it appears that she rocked the “Sculpted Bodysuit” in a color called “Steel Blue.” The suit currently retails for $119.