McDonald's Unveils New Ordering System For Truckers Unable To Use Drive-Thru During Coronavirus Changes

Truckers left unable to order at McDonald's amid changes from the coronavirus will now have a solution, the company announced this week.

As the trucking industry news site CDL Life noted, many big rig truckers were left unable to order after McDonald's locations across the country closed their restaurant spaces and moved all orders to the drive-thru. The restaurant closed public spaces in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, but rules against walk-up orders in the drive-thru window mean that truckers unable to fit through the drive-thru were out of luck when it came to ordering.

But McDonald's is now offering a solution, the site noted. It added a new feature to the McDonald's Mobile Order & Pay app, allowing customers to pick a "Curbside Service" option and park in a designated space for trucks.

McDonald's Senior Vice President of Operations, Bill Garrett, unveiled the new option in an open letter that expressed the company's commitment to serving truckers who play a pivotal role amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Garrett said in a statement that the company wanted to acknowledge this critical role and solve what had been a pressing problem for truckers looking to stop for a meal.

"We wanted to personally reach out to you and let you know that, to support you in this effort, McDonald's restaurants are doing their best to remain open to provide hot meals to our customers and employees, as long as local, state, and federal governments continue to allow us to do so," Garrett said.

The company announced last week that it was committed to keeping locations in the United States open during the coronavirus pandemic, noting that it wanted to remain an affordable food choice for those impacted by the massive changes the outbreak has brought.

In a message shared on the company's website, McDonald's USA President Joe Erlinger said that the restaurant locations were also committed to serving their communities.

"With 14,000+ restaurants across the country, we have a long legacy of being a dependable neighbor in times of need," Erlinger said.

"Through this unprecedented and challenging time for families and individuals, McDonald's will do our part to continue to be a place people can count on to deliver a familiar, comforting and delicious experience, no matter where they are."
Erlinger noted that McDonald's had no plans to make changes to its opening or closing times, but the company did temporarily close some locations in China and the U.K. in an effort to stop the virus from spreading in those areas.