David Hogg Calls TikTok A ‘National Security Threat’

David Hogg speaks to the media
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Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg has a new mission. The anti-gun violence advocate took to social media to denounce the popular app, TikTok.

Hogg posted on Twitter his reason for having a problem with the service, wherein many young people have taken to post various short skits and dance routines. In the post, he called TikTok a “national security threat” that should only be used when people are wanting to rail against the Chinese government.

He also pointed out it is China that created and owns the social media application. He added that he understands the jokes and memes are fun to create but the other side of that is they are likely downloading spyware onto their phones and tablets.

He then sent a subsequent tweet where he said, “I’m not kidding, we need to cancel TikTok.” Hogg continued explaining why he had such a problem with the rise of the service and pointed to the fact that China has used the app to monitor dissidents and then stifle them. He said he doesn’t want any part of something that helps a regressive regime, continue to oppress its own people.

Hogg is far from the only person who has leveled these kinds of charges against TikTok. Last year, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) opened a national security investigation into the company that owns the social media app.

David Hogg speaks to supporters
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CFIUS believes it is a concern especially because of how popular it is in the United States, where it’s estimated more than 100 million people have downloaded the app. Florida Senator Marco Rubio reportedly was one of the United States officials who wanted the company investigated because of how they treat people who say negative things about China.

While the investigation is still open, millions of teens and tweens continue using TikTok, especially now, when so many people are cooped up inside with few ways to interact with the outside world.

On Wednesday evening, some prominent conservatives voices showed the campaign against the app is far from an issue only liberal activists care about. In fact, several well-known right-wingers took to social to express shock and surprise they actually agreed with Hogg, someone they’ve directly or indirectly sparred with often over gun rights and mass shootings.

Ian Miles Cheong, the managing editor of the right-wing website, Human Events simply replied on Twitter that Hogg was “absolutely correct.” Meanwhile those who have long supported David Hogg voiced their support again while pointing out it shouldn’t surprise anyone he’s got the correct idea when it comes to TikTok.