'My 600-LB Life' Dominic Hernandez Update: See How The Formerly Homeless Man Is Turning His Life Around

As My 600-LB Life viewers have found out after watching Dominic Hernandez's episode, progress isn't always measured in pounds lost.

This week's episode of the TLC docu-series showed the formerly homeless man struggling to adjust to the rigid weight-loss program from Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, unable to overcome the difficulties he faced. Because both Dominic and his brother were homeless, he did not have the stability to dive into the program and hit a wall as he was trying to drop 60 pounds to qualify for weight-loss surgery.

As People magazine noted in a preview of the episode, Dominic and his brother live in a van and did not have the ability to make healthy meals, instead relying on fast food.

"I just feel like my world has fallen apart," Dominic said.

"Me and my brother live in my van because we are homeless, and my size makes my situation harder because of how I struggle now to fit places and do things."
After spending four months trying to lose weight, Dominic initially lost 26 pounds but then hit a plateau, gaining back three pounds to put his total at 23 pounds. Weighing 650 pounds and unable to qualify for weight-loss surgery, Dominic got some hard news from Dr. Now who said that he didn't seem to prioritize his weight loss and would not have any more appointments.

But as Distractify noted, Dominic has made some major progress since appearing on My 600-LB Life, addressing some of the important issues that were keeping him from losing weight. He and his brother were able to move into affordable housing, and Dominic shared that he has lost another 20 pounds since ending his last appointment with Dr. Now on a sour note.

Dominic's episode came amid something of an up-and-down season for My 600-LB Life, with some incredible success stories mixed in with others who found mostly struggles. Before Dominic, there was another sad ending as Joyce Del Viscovo dropped out of Dr. Now's program and decided to try losing weight on her own -- a decision that has almost never turned out well for those featured on the show.

It's not clear how much more weight Dominic may have lost since appearing on My 600-LB Life. He does not seem to have an active social media presence, so those looking for updates will have to keep an eye on the show's official page at the TLC website, which is regularly updated with the progress of the people featured on the show.