Lala Kent's Fiancé To Donate $1 Per Download On Her And James Kennedy's Song To People Affected By COVID-19

Lala Kent's fiancé, producer Randall Emmett, is hoping to give a large sum of money to those impacted by the ongoing spread of the coronavirus by offering to donate $1 per download of Kent's new song with James Kennedy, "Playboy Bunny," which is set to be released on Friday to a yet-to-be-named charity.

During the March 25 episode Give Them Lala... with Randall, the longtime Vanderpump Rules cast member announced her and Kennedy's new song would be dropping this week and encouraged her listeners to download the track on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever else they get music. Then, after confirming the new song's name, Kent was met with a surprise from Emmett.

"For every download that you get on that song, I'm going to donate $1 per download to people that are in need right now… to a cause to help people," Emmett announced.

According to Emmett, he's planning on finding a charity that is currently funneling money to people who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. As he explained, he wants to help people in crisis and hopes to do so as Kent's fans download her new music with their co-star.

"So, as many downloads as you get, I will donate and I hope you get 10,000 downloads so we can make a good donation," he told his soon-to-be-wife.

As people around the world well know, tons of people, whether they've been diagnosed with coronavirus or not, have been impacted by the illness due to the fact that they've been quarantined and unable to work. While some are blessed enough to work from home, many others have been laid off or are simply unable to generate income as they wait for the spread to subside.

In response to Emmett's generous gesture, Kent was overwhelmingly happy and pleased by what he had offered to do and mentioned how it made her even more excited to marry him later this year.

"And this is why I love you hunny bunny and I can't wait to be your wifey," she gushed.

While Kent and Emmett were planning to get married next month in Newport Beach, California, their Vanderpump Rules co-star, Jax Taylor revealed on his Instagram page, as The Inquisitr previously reported, last week that they had decided to postpone their nuptials and during their show, Kent and Emmett admitted to being brokenhearted about having to wait until July to move forward with their wedding.