WWE News: When Offered A New Contract, Former Champion Said ‘I F*cking Hate It Here’

This former champ didn't hold anything back in how he felt about being in WWE.

Bad News Barrett delivers a punch to John Cena.

This former champ didn't hold anything back in how he felt about being in WWE.

Business and personal relationships don’t always go well after a WWE superstar parts ways with Vince McMahon’s company. Wade Barrett, whose real name is Stu Bennett, was one star who appeared to be in line for the main event scene, but things went sour, and he went in a different direction. WWE wanted him back at the end of his contract, but Barrett made it crystal clear that he hated being in the company and wanted out.

Barrett has been working for various promotions since his release in June 2016. Currently, he’s affiliated with World of Sport Wrestling and NWA. He has not spent a lot of time in the ring since leaving WWE, but things were simply not going well with the position he was in at the time.

On a recent episode of Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana, via Apple Podcasts, Barrett spoke on several topics, including how his last months in WWE led him to better things in his life. Despite moving toward better opportunities, his final days with Vince McMahon’s company were not good.

King Wade Barrett waits for his opponent in the ring.

WWE had given a lot to Barrett as he was the King of the Ring, the head of the Nexus stable upon its arrival, and he even won the Intercontinental Championship on five occasions. The company considered him a valuable asset and wanted him to sign a new deal in 2016, but he was just not going to do it.

“I left [WWE] around April or May of 2016. I told them that my contract was coming up, and I told them I wasn’t re-signing. They tried to make a couple of offers, and I told them ‘It doesn’t matter what you offer me, I need to leave. I f*cking hate it here.'”

Barrett was happy with a lot of the things he had been doing in the company, but he kept wondering what else would help him move higher up the ladder. In 2015, he felt as if he was “sliding down the card” into a bad place. Even after winning the King of the Ring tournament, Barrett felt his career still wasn’t advancing.

It came to a point where being in WWE was no longer rewarding to him, and he wanted to do something else with his career. He let them know that his journey with the company was over and that his time in professional wrestling was going to continue elsewhere.

Whether he goes by the name of Stu Bennett, Wade Barrett, Bad News Barrett, or something else, he is an exceptional wrestling talent. His time in WWE started with a bang as the Nexus provided one of the most memorable storylines in wrestling history. Unfortunately, his creative direction wasn’t going the way he wanted, which led to him allowing his WWE contract to expire so he could take his career in a direction that suited him better.