Donald Trump Would Blame Barack Obama If Coronavirus Led To A Massive Number Of Deaths, Psychiatrist Says

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks while meeting with President-elect Donald Trump (L) following a meeting in the Oval Office November 10, 2016 in Washington, DC.
Win McNamee / Getty Images

As Donald Trump grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Justin Frank, who tracked the president’s life from childhood to adulthood in Trump on the Couch, spoke to Salon about the real estate mogul’s alleged destructive behavior and its effects on the outcome of the crisis.

When Frank was pressed over whether Trump would have an “emotional breakdown” over a massive loss of life from the coronavirus — which Salon compared to former President Abraham Lincoln’s remorse over the Civil War deaths — he was adamant that this would not be the case.

“No. It is not an option,” Frank said, suggesting he would push the blame to former President Barack Obama.

“Donald Trump does not feel guilt. He is incapable of it. I have not seen Trump ever display any form of guilt for his behavior. If there were a million dead, Trump would still say that Obama did it. Trump would still say the Democrats did it.”

The Salon interview comes after Trump expressed his desire to reopen the United States economy by Easter. Such a move would defy the advice of public health officials, who warn that this route will allow the coronavirus to continue spreading and cause the loss of many lives, as The Inquisitr reported.

Trump has shifted blame to Obama on multiple occasions during the coronavirus pandemic. As reported by New York Magazine, the president recently blamed his predecessor for the shortage of hospital masks. Despite Trump’s attempts to pin this on the former president, the publication notes that he spent “weeks” ignoring warnings about the severity of coronavirus from experts.

Regardless, Trump continues to avoid claiming responsibility for the U.S’s response to the pandemic, Frank suggested. The reason for the president’s alleged inability to feel guilt, he says, is due to his upbringing. According to the author, Trump’s father taught him never to admit fault, which he believes supports the lesson of never having guilt over his actions.

Frank also believes Trump himself is not “fully aware” of his destructive behavior and how deep it runs.

“Trump recently sent out a tweet that said, ‘The world is at war with a hidden enemy. We will win,'” he noted.

“Unconsciously Trump is at war with an internal enemy, which is between wanting to be a builder and wanting to be a destroyer. The internal enemy is Trump’s inner destructiveness.”

Frank said the president is also not aware that the concealed enemy of America he speaks of is himself, as the 77-year-old psychiatrist claims that other people in the American public understand.