Chrissy Teigen Gets Creative In Tracking Down Lettuce During Coronavirus Isolation, Documents The Hilarity

Stacy Carey - Author

Mar. 25 2020, Updated 2:27 p.m. ET

People are getting somewhat desperate and a wee bit creative in the midst of the shelter in place order as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and Chrissy Teigen is no exception. It seems that Chrissy had some big plans for some kitchen creations, but she was having a hard time getting exactly the right ingredients. She took to social media to negotiate for what she needed and documented the hilarious results.

The model and host initiated her search for some romaine lettuce via Twitter on Monday evening. She said that she would bake her infamous banana bread for anybody local who could give her some romaine in exchange. Chrissy even had a plan in mind, noting that they would exchange the goods from six feet apart in order to maintain proper social distancing.

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Just a few minutes later, Chrissy got an offer. There was some banter back and forth as Chrissy jokingly pushed for proof that the three heads of romaine were fresh and then the deal was made.

She went on to document the making of the banana bread and decided to throw a couple of pieces of pie into the deal. She also shared that if there was buttermilk available, she’d add a bottle of rose wine from her end. Before making the trade, Chrissy added that she had ordered some vegan food on top of everything else, as her lettuce dealer apparently is vegan.

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Chrissy and John met up with the lettuce owners in the parking lot of a church and then the deal took place. Chrissy and John brought along a kid’s toy vehicle to use in transporting the goods between the two parties from a safe distance apart and the exchange was successfully made.

The two groups managed to take a photo that included them all while still standing more than six feet apart. Chrissy tweeted out the snapshot and noted that it had been quite hard not to hug the two of them.

After all of the fun was documented online, lettuce trader Chris Klemens tweeted about the experience from his own account.

“Needless to say, Thursday’s video is going to be as chaotic as today felt. I really am full of gratitude and feel like an even bigger idiot my life is so great during this horrible f*cking time for everyone else,” Chris tweeted.

He then shared a link for a group called Food Corps and urged people to donate if they could.

“didn’t have bartering with @chrissyteigen and @johnlegend on my quarantine bingo card but here we are,” tweeted Andrew Lowe, who was with Chris throughout the negotiations and exchange.

While Chrissy has shared a handful of recipes she has made at home this week, she has yet to reveal what she needed to use the romaine lettuce for. Despite the lettuce-related cliffhanger, her followers have gotten quite the kick out of this situation and her success may well lead to additional negotiations for other food items in the coronavirus-related isolation ahead.


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