‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Wiley’s Sick & Nelle Could Make Things Complicated

Twins Erik and Theo Olson play Wiley on 'General Hospital'
Nick Agro / ABC

Emotions will be running high during Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that Wiley will have some sort of medical emergency, and Nelle is going to be involved whether Michael likes it or not.

At the end of Tuesday’s show, Michael came running down the stairs at the Quartermaine mansion. He yelled that they needed an ambulance for Wiley, and General Hospital spoilers share that there’s much more of this coming with the March 25 show.

Michael and Sasha will head to General Hospital, and spoilers detail that they will have a difficult conversation with Monica. Wiley will need surgery, which could mean that the little boy’s heart condition is now causing issues.

Wiley facing surgery is going to be terrifying enough for Michael, but then Monica will share another anxiety-inducing tidbit: Nelle will have to sign off on the procedure. Both Michael and Nelle will have to consent to the surgery, Monica explains, and this isn’t exactly good news for Wiley’s dad.

One would hope that Nelle wouldn’t risk Wiley’s health by resisting consent on this. However, she certainly could make Michael jump through some hoops in exchange for her signature. She might try to force him to agree on a custody plan or something of that nature, and Michael might not be in a position to push back as he’ll be anxious to get Wiley into surgery.

General Hospital spoilers signal that Carly and Nelle will also butt heads during Wednesday’s episode. Nelle surprised Nina by showing up and making a play for Maxie’s job at Crimson, and she actually got her way. For some reason, Carly will pop up in the Crimson offices during the next show, and Nelle will not waste any time revealing the news about her new job.

This will likely upset and rattle Carly. Nina actually agreed to hire Nelle as a way to keep tabs on her and pass the information she gathers along to Michael. At this point, however, Carly doesn’t know this.

Based on teasers from SheKnows Soaps, this Wiley situation will be causing a lot of stress over the next few episodes. General Hospital spoilers share that Sasha will be stunned during Thursday’s episode, and Nelle and Carly will tear into one another during both Friday’s episode and the one coming up on Monday.

It does sound as if Wiley will come through this all right, as Monica will share good news next Tuesday. However, General Hospital spoilers do seem to suggest that this medical crisis will set up a new phase of this Wiley chaos that could turn things upside down once again.