William Dufris Dead, Voice Of 'Bob The Builder' Dies After Cancer Battle

Nathan Francis

William Dufris, a prolific voice actor and audiobook producer best known for his role as the original Bob the Builder character in the popular children's television show, has died after a battle with cancer.

The actor's death was announced on Tuesday in a Twitter post from Pocket Universe Productions, a production company he co-founded. The company noted that Dufris died after a battle with cancer, though did not share more details about exactly when he passed away.

Dufris was later replaced by comedian Greg Proops but remained close to the character even after leaving the role. The Bangor Daily News reported in 2015 that he paid a visit to third graders in Danforth, Maine, to talk about his part.

Dufris was invited by Sam Hiscoe, a teacher at the school and also his nephew. Hiscoe said that the students enjoyed learning about Dufris's extensive career and the roles he had played.

"The kids really enjoyed it," Hiscoe told the newspaper. "Before he read to them, he talked about his career and the TV show, and it was great for them to hear that. A lot of times kids say that they love video games and cartoons, but they don't really believe that can transition into a career for them."

"They were laughing so hard," Hiscoe said. "They just loved it. They begged him to read more."

"He also voiced Subaru Kimeragi in the English dub of the X anime film," the report noted. "He voiced numerous other roles for English dubs for such anime as Angel Cop, Patlabor, Appleseed, New Dominion Tank Police, and Venus Wars."

Dufris was a co-founder of Pocket Universe Productions, which specialized in audiobooks featuring multiple cast members.

"Pocket Universe Productions creates fully immersive 'audio movies,' adapted from science fiction, fantasy, horror, and thriller prose, as well as from stage plays and graphic novels," the company noted on its website.