Two Alabama Women Have Been Charged With Sexually Abusing Multiple Nursing Home Patients

Two Alabama women, Anna Scroggins, 26, and Ashley Johnston, 32, have been charged with sexually abusing at least five nursing home patients at their place of employment, the Marshall Manor Nursing Home, reports People Magazine.

In a statement from John Young, the Marshall County District Attorney Office Chief Investigator, he claimed that the abuse perpetrated against the patients occurred while the two women were working at the nursing home and entrusted with the care of their patients.

Both women were charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse, elder abuse, public lewdness, and more. Some charges between the women differ, for instance, Scroggins was charged with second-degree voyeurism in addition to the other charges. Johnston was also charged with harassment and indecent exposure, and it appears Scroggins was not.

The two suspects are currently being held at the Marshall County Jail with their bond set at $70,000. It is not clear if they have retained attorneys yet or entered a plea.

People also obtained a statement from the nursing home. Marshall Manor claimed they were shocked and appalled by the actions of their employees.

"We immediately responded to the situation by reporting the matter to all appropriate law enforcement agencies, terminating the employees, and contacting families of the involved residents."
The victims' families have been notified of the abuse that took place at Marshall Manor. The District Attorney's office has also clarified that Marshall Manor has been fully cooperative with the ongoing investigation.

According to WAAY 31, the statement from the nursing home continued, saying, "We appreciate the trust they have placed in us and don't take it for granted. We love and care about all of our residents at Marshall Manor. Our first obligation is to them, which includes being honest with them. That's why we notified every family about what happened at Marshall Manor – including those who were directly affected and those who were not."

A senior citizen sits at the corridor of a care center
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The article doesn't reveal the names of the victims or the exact events that took place at the nursing home. As authorities are still investigating the circumstances surrounding Scroggins and Johnstons' arrests, it is likely the full account of the abuse will not come to light until after the authorities complete their investigation. Neither source indicates who reported the women to the police or how the abuse was detected.

Disturbingly, investigators have not yet revealed how long the abuse went on, but given how many patients the two women allegedly abused, it may have been for a lengthy period.