Florida Politician Bryant Culpepper Claims Inhaling Air From A Blow Dryer Can Cure Coronavirus

Someone using a blow dryer
Jo_Johnston / Pixabay

Bryant Culpepper, the County Commissioner for Okeechobee, Florida, recently claimed he had discovered an unorthodox cure for the coronavirus, reports Too Fab. According to the politician, all his method requires is a hairdryer.

At a public meeting, he told people that inhaling air from a blow dryer can help prevent contracting COVID-19. To justify his statement, Culpepper professed that he used to be a paramedic, and after he started to think about the strange practice, it began to make complete sense.

The politician said he learned about the hairdryer method while watching a doctor discuss how the virus spreads on One American News Network. He explained that the coronavirus spreads by settling in the nasal membranes since they are “the coolest part of the body, which is why the virus tends to go there until it then becomes healthy enough to go into the lungs.”

Culpepper continued, saying that to kill the virus, one must inhale air that has reached a temperature of at least 136 degrees Fahrenheit.

“I said how would you get the temperature up to 136 degrees? The answer was you use a blow dryer. You hold a blow dryer up to your face and you inhale through your nose and it kills all the viruses in your nose.”

Not everyone seemed to agree with Culpepper’s strange advice. In the video clip shown from the public meeting, his fellow commissioners were shown facepalming on camera. Their reactions didn’t dissuade Culpepper, who carried on by saying, “sometimes the cures for these diseases are very simple.”

One of his colleagues, Tiffany Collins, from the Okeechobee Health Department, followed up by cautioning residents to be wary of misinformation from social media and to stick to the advice of their medical providers only. It seemed she was insinuating that people should be cautious about listening to Culpepper’s blowdryer strategy.

However, instead of backing down from his claims, Culpepper doubled down. He said he was sure the hairdryer method was valid since it came from OAN and wasn’t something he stumbled upon randomly on social media.

Too Fab also reports that at a previous meeting, the politician touted an ozone spray used by hunters to mask their scent from deer. He said that the spray would repel viruses from the wearer.

Culpepper is not the first politician to propose untested cures to the coronavirus. President Donald Trump said the anti-malarial drug chloroquine could be a potential “game changer” treatment for the virus. The Inquisitr recently reported that an Arizona couple took Trump’s advice and tried the drug. The woman wound up in critical condition and her husband sadly passed away.