‘The Bachelorette’ Stars Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron Spotted Getting Quite Cozy In New Social Media Video

'The Bachelorette' Hannah Brown attends an event in Beverly Hills
Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Last year’s star of The Bachelorette Hannah Brown has been hanging out with runner-up Tyler Cameron and his crew in Florida for more than a week now, and it looks like the two are getting along awfully well. Dubbed “The Quarantine Crew,” Tyler, his brother Ryan, his good friends, and Hannah have been sharing a lot of fun moments via their various social media pages in recent days. One brief moment in a new video clip has generated a lot of buzz among “Tannah” fans.

The Quarantine Crew has been making the most of everybody’s interest in Tyler and Hannah, playing all of this up in a number of social media posts. In a new TikTok video shared by Tyler’s bestie Matt James, it appears that an unplanned moment involving the two stars from The Bachelorette immediately started raising eyebrows.

As Us Weekly shares via their Instagram page, the brief glimpse into Tyler and Hannah’s cozy moment came as Matt was filming breakfast preparations on Tuesday morning. Hannah was helping Matt cook up a pan of eggs, and she had stepped away for a moment.

As he filmed, Matt swung over to where Tyler and Hannah were standing together, noting that he needed help with the eggs. Hannah quickly did something of a karate kick and rejoined Matt in the kitchen, but it’s what she was doing with Tyler just before Matt brought her back over that caught the attention of The Bachelorette fans.

Hannah was leaning back against a tall cabinet against the wall and Tyler seemed to be tickling or poking at The Bachelorette star in a joking manner. Tyler was leaning into Hannah with a lot of full-blown body contact as she giggled.

This kind of maneuver could certainly happen among friends, especially this group staying with Tyler as they are all clearly quite close. However, the fact that this involved Tyler and Hannah in such a cozy, fairly intimate moment has Tannah fans cheering.

Neither Hannah nor Tyler has shared anything definitive with The Bachelorette fans defining their current relationship status. When Hannah first rejoined Tyler in Florida, after having attended the memorial service for his mom a few days earlier, they kept her presence somewhat low-key.

That quickly flew out the window, however, and she’s definitely been fully embraced by Matt, Tyler’s brother Ryan, and the rest of the crew in Florida. Are Tyler and Hannah officially an item now or are they really just friends? The Bachelorette stars are in no hurry to make any official declarations, but this latest moment between the two is giving Tannah fans hope that this romance is back on and flourishing.