Giannina Gibelli & Damian Powers Of ‘Love Is Blind’ Rock The ‘Flip The Switch’ Challenge

'Love Is Blind' star Giannina Gibelli is stunned at the altar

Reality television lovebirds Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers know how challenging it can be to pass the time while isolated, given their experiences on Netflix’s Love Is Blind. Both Giannina and Damian are laying low in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and they decided to have some fun with the viral TikTok “Flip the Switch” challenge.

On Monday, both Gia and Damian shared the video they created via their respective Instagram pages. The Flip the Switch challenge has been done by quite a few celebrity couples over the past few weeks, and the Love Is Blind pair knocked it out of the park.

In the Flip the Switch challenge, a pair uses the Drake song “Nonstop” to dance and seemingly suddenly switch outfits. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez went viral with their video of the challenge, and The Bachelorette fans went wild when Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown recently shared their version. Now, Gia and Damian have followed suit.

The video starts with Gia wearing a towel around her body, leaving a few of her curves visible. As she films in the bathroom mirror, Damian stands next to her wearing a long-sleeved shirt, baseball cap, and black workout pants. Gia tugs at the towel as Damian shows his appreciation for his gal’s figure.

A few seconds later, the Love Is Blind stars have flipped the switch and he’s in her towel as she’s wearing his hat, shirt, and pants. The towel just barely covers Damian, and fans got a kick out of the clip.

Love Is Blind fans went crazy over the video on both Damian’s and Gia’s Instagram pages. The post containing the photo of Gia in her towel and the video has nearly 280,000 likes and more than 6,700 comments on her page. Over on Damian’s page, another 77,000 likes and 1,300 comments have built up on his post.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” wrote one of Gia’s followers on her post.

“This is pure gold,” noted someone else.

“I AM LAUGHING SO HARD RN I CAN’T,” shared another of Gia’s fans.

“Thats a big man for a little towel hahahaha Love you Gigi,” teased another supporter.

Those who watched Love Is Blind know that Damian and Gia’s relationship navigated some major ups and downs, and their journey in front of cameras initially ended in heartbreak. However, the two have worked through those difficult times and remain together now more than a year after filming ended.

What will Gia and Damian come up with next to stay entertained during these days of isolation? Love Is Blind fans loved this video, which will surely spark the two to come up with something bigger and better soon.