Donald Trump Says He Saved Thousands Of Lives From Coronavirus In Rant About Joe Biden

U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump walk along the South Lawn to Marine One as they depart from the White House for a weekend trip to Mar-a-Lago on January 31, 2020 in Washington, DC.
Sarah Silbiger / Getty Images

After a scathing New York Times piece ripped President Donald Trump for his response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the president took to Twitter to assert that he deserved credit for saving thousands of lives.

The Times had published a story crediting former Vice President Joe Biden for his leadership style during the COVID-19 crisis, and Trump decided to address the article late Monday night.

“This is the way the @nytimes finished a story on me. ‘You can see the contrast between the steady, assured, informed and strong leadership that VP Biden (Sleepy Joe) has shown, and the bungling, chaotic and dishonest start-stop approach that Mr. (not Pres.) Trump has shown us since the beginning of this crisis,'” he tweeted.

He went on to claim that his decision to close travel between the U.S. and China saved thousands of lives.

“They meant the opposite? Forgot to mention that I closed our Country to China (and Europe) very early, long before it was considered acceptable to do so. Sleepy Joe said I was ‘xenophobic’, but I saved thousands of lives! Fake News!” he wrote.

Trump’s response to the coronavirus has been criticized as having been too little and too late given the severity of the disease and the potential for it to spread rapidly.

Most recently, the president has been attacked for reportedly siding with conservative pundits and his advisers over medical experts. As The Inquisitr previously reported, some sources say that he is considering putting an end to the social distancing measures recommended by the CDC in order to goose the ailing economy.

While medical experts recommend that the self-quarantine and shuttering of areas where people gather should go on for weeks, Trump tweeted that he didn’t think the cure for coronavirus shouldn’t be worse than the disease itself and that he would look at reassessing the situation after the initial 15 days.

At the same time, he retweeted messages from Tomi Lahren and Tom Fitton, who tweeted that the national shutdown needed to end in order to rescue the economy.

In response to the president’s message on Monday, followers pointed out some of the criticisms that have been lobbed at Trump, including a decision to eliminate the pandemic response team put in place by former President Barack Obama.

Others argued that Trump’s decision to believe the message coming from China, rather than having American doctors and experts on the ground to make their own determination, further exacerbated the problem.

For his part, Biden gave a coronavirus briefing on YouTube on Monday in order to address the national crisis, a move that some see as his way to show his leadership chops as he makes a bid for the Oval Office in 2020.