Hilde Osland Sizzles In Sportswear With Sexy Fishnet Panels

Hilde Osland poses for a selfie.
Hilde Osland / Instagram

Norwegian beauty Hilde Osland put her incredible figure on display in her latest Instagram update. For the post, she wore a set of sportswear that featured sexy fishnet panels.

The beauty’s outfit was black and included a workout bra and yoga pants. Yet, the pieces were not ordinary by any means as they featured fishnet panels that flashed her bare skin, giving the outfit a sexy vibe. The bra had a plunging neckline with a panel covering her chest and revealing plenty of cleavage. The bottoms had two panels down the sides of the legs.

Hilde’s update consisted of six photos of her outside on a sidewalk next to a staircase. The post was tagged in Scarborough, Australia. She did not indicate when the snaps were taken, but it looked to be a gorgeous day with clear skies above.

The first snapshot gave Hilde’s followers a nice look at her backside in the outfit. The camera captured her as she flipped her hair, revealing the back of the strappy bra. The shot also showed the curve of her booty in the figure-hugging pants.

In the second picture, Hilde showed off the front of the bra. The image was taken from a close angle, showing her chest under the fishnet panel. The stunner played with her hair as she looked at something off to the side.

The third image caught Hilde from a side angle. She struck a pose with one leg forward, flaunting her derriere and slender waist. She smiled for the camera as she held her hands near her chest.

Hilde was flipping her gorgeous hair in the fourth image. The photo was taken from behind at a slight side angle, highlighting her hourglass figure.

The fifth photo captured Hilde from the front. Her hands were behind her head as she smiled with one hip cocked to the side. The pose showed off her flat abs and ample chest.

The last snapshot saw Hilde from behind, showing more of her legs in the pants. The shot showed how the fishnet panel wrapped around the back of her calves. Her wavy hair cascaded down her back as she looked to the side.

The post was popular among her 2.1 million followers, raking in over 35,000 likes within an hour of posting.

Hilde has been giving fans plenty of titillating posts to drool over in the past few weeks. Earlier in the month, she looked smoking hot in a short set.