March 24, 2020
'Resident Evil 3' Remake Datamine Rumored To Suggest Nintendo Switch Port

While the Resident Evil 3 remake is about to land on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, there might be a chance it eventually comes to the Nintendo Switch, too. Recent data mining of the just-released demo has reportedly found some interesting code.

Rourke Keegan of Rely On Horror reported on a modder who has worked quite a bit on the Resident Evil 3 remake as the person who unearthed the code. The language in question is found in a rather regular menu prompt for when the game is saving. The menu prompt reads, "this game has an autosave feature, please do not turn off your... " The first couple of prompts are the usual ones a user would find in any multi-platform game.

The line is ended with PC, Xbox One and PS4, but there is also a line for the Nintendo Switch. As Keegan points out, that's a little odd considering the Resident Evil 3 remake isn't currently offered on that console.

According to the data miners, there is also a reference to several digital stores. Once again, the Xbox One, PS4 and Steam stores are expected to be mentioned in the code, but there is mention of the Nintendo console as well. This time, there is language referencing the Nintendo eShop.

Keegan points out there is more than one reason why this language being packed into the demo code is odd. It's not just that the title isn't on the Switch yet. It's that the graphical fidelity is such that it doesn't seem as if the game would work or look very good.

That hasn't necessarily stopped ports for the Switch before. The Witcher 3, Doom and several of the new Wolfenstein games all started out on the Xbox One and PS4, and eventually made their way to the Switch. Doom Eternal is eventually launching on that platform as well.

It's possible there will eventually be a version of the Resident Evil 3 remake coming to the platform that will be rezzed down a bit. Nintendo has brought plenty of other titles in the long-running series to its console, though most of those have been re-releases of the original games, not the remakes complete with their higher-quality graphics.

Keegan is floating another option. He believes it's possible this is kind of a hint at the oft-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro. While the company has said that won't be coming in 2020, it hasn't said the souped-up version of its console isn't coming eventually. Perhaps the Resident Evil 3 remake is going to be a launch "port" for the more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch.