Felix Sabates hates the City of Detroit, and the State of Michigan

Felix Sabates has always been a NASCAR owner known for running off at the mouth, but his latest diatribe against the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan is so offensive, so hateful that he should face sanctions from NASCAR, and be banned from Michigan all together. Speaking on the recent struggles of NASCAR Sabates said the following to Brant James of thatsracing.com, “I mean, there’s nobody left in Detroit other than the police and the unemployed. I’d cut Michigan off the schedule altogether. Michigan – I’m talking about the state – is never coming back to what it used to be, so why go there and throw good money after bad money?”

Very nice, Felix. Since you are a total moron, let me educate you on the importance of NASCAR racing to Detroit, and the great NASCAR fans that live there. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am a native Detroiter. So I know the lay of the land, I also owe my entire sports writing career to the fine, and plentiful racing fans in both Detroit and Michigan. One of my most successful writing gigs of my career was a local Detroit NASCAR column featured on examiner.com. It was one of the top five Detroit based examiner.com columns in 2009, and the main reason that I am now a full time professional sports writer.

Let us also not forget that Detroit is the home of the Big Three American car companies who contributions to the sport of NASCAR over the years are far to numerous to list. This also happens to be the home state of Jack Roush, owner of Roush-Fenway Racing, Roger Penske, owner of Penske Racing, both of whom just happen to be far more successful NASCAR team owners than Felix himself could ever hope to be.

Not to mention Michigan is, home to NASCAR Truck series champion Johnny Benson, and rising NASCAR star Brad Keselowski. If Felix wants NASCAR to be fixed maybe we should start by banning him as an owner. In 14 years of ownership he has a pretty pathetic record featuring only seven wins. Most of which came with Kyle Petty, son of NASCAR King Richard Petty, at the wheel. Maybe the real reason Felix hates Michigan so much is that he has never won a race here as a car owner.

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