March 24, 2020
Fans Hopeful Sara Haines Will Return As A Co-Host Of 'The View'

Fans are hopeful Sara Haines will return as a permanent co-host of ABC's The View after temporarily reclaiming her seat on the set and at the show's Hot Topics table alongside Sunny Hostin.

Show hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Meghan McCain are currently working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Both Joy and Whoopi are in an at-risk group of older Americans and are remaining at home in an attempt to stay safe, as is Meghan, who recently announced she is pregnant.

Sara left The View in August 2018 to helm a talk series with Good Morning America anchor Michael Strahan called GMA Day, later renamed Strahan and Sara. The addition of former Nickelodeon star Keke Palmer led the show to its current incarnation, titled Strahan, Sara & Keke.

The newswoman made her triumphant return to the series just one week ago to help fill the spot temporarily vacated by Joy, who announced she was remaining at home at the urging of her daughter.

Fans were thrilled to see Sara return to the series and are hopeful she will reclaim her position at the table in a more permanent basis this fall.

"I have been loving having Sara back on The View! I've missed her!" remarked one viewer.

"Sara is back on The View. I missed her when she left. WELCOME back home, Sara," said a second fan.

"Sara, The View is where u belong," stated a third-social media user.

"Oh, Sara please stay on The View. Love your light," said a fourth follower.

Sara and Sunny manned the New York studio where The View is normally shot. Sara then headed to her hosting duties for her afternoon series, which airs one hour after The View signs off.

On March 23, the vivacious newswoman wore a slim-fitting blue sweater sporting the message "do your part; stay apart" during the filming of the live show. The View shared an image of Sara pointing at the message on its Instagram page, as a way to remind its followers to socially distance themselves from one another to stop the spread of coronavirus.

A face of calm in these uncertain times, Sara looked approachable and happy in the snap. She wore black pants with her sweater. Her blond hair was cut into a shoulder-length bob and blown out straight, parted on the left side. Sara's makeup application was kept to a neutral palette, with lightly lined eyes, mascara, pink blush and a natural shade of lipstick.

Sara has three young children under the age of 5 -- Alec, Sandra and Caleb -- with husband Max Shifrin. She's a familiar face not only to fans of The View but also her own afternoon show, and via appearances on Good Morning America, where she fills in as a host of the Pop News segment.