Lottery winner receives check, gets hit by car and dies

In a sad twist of fate, Ohio Lottery winner Deborah McDonald, 47, was struck and killed by a car on Tuesday- the day she received her winnings.

McDonald won $8,000 in the Ohio Lottery Cash Explosion Double Play, and was celebrating with friends at a local Red Lobster. McDonald took friends out for dinner after her check arrived, as well as purchasing wedding rings for herself and her husband- having been unable to afford them when they married. She and husband Robert had planned to use the remainder of their prize to purchase a fishing boat, and perhaps start a business, a friend told a local paper:

“Her husband was gonna be captain,” Blissit said. “She was gonna be first mate, and me and Darrell were going to be (deck) hands. Life was happy-go-lucky for her.”

However, the McDonalds got into a brief argument during the celebratory evening, and Deborah McDonald left a local bar after the disagreement. She began walking down the nearest road, where a car hit her from behind, killing her almost instantly.