Niece Waidhofer Films Herself Gyrating On Her Bed While Wearing A Tiny Black Thong

Niece Waidhofer takes a selfie
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Niece Waidhofer has shared yet another sexy video with her millions of followers on Instagram. The model posted a brief clip of herself gyrating in bed to her Instagram page. She wore nothing but a tiny black thong, stockings, and a bra. In less than nine hours, her video racked up more than 316,000 views. Niece’s devoted admirers went wild over the video. With the majority of the nation in quarantine, Niece’s videos have kept people smiling.

The stunner used a clever topdown camera angle to film herself from above. She crouched on her hands and knees while slowly rolling her body forward and then back, giving her fans a stupendous view of her backside. All eyes were drawn to her famous rear end, which looked exceptionally voluptuous as she arched her back and slowly moved forward and then back to rest on her knees.

Aside from Niece’s toned booty, fans were also privy to an excellent view of her long, slender legs. To add to the overall sexiness of the video, Niece wore thigh-high black stockings that accentuated the shapely form of her lower half.

As the beauty’s numerous admirers have come to expect, Niece couldn’t share a new post without adding a hilarious caption to accompany it. This time, she joked about how the video showed “an observation of my body, from top to bottom.”

She then added commentary about each part of her body. While talking about her boobs, she poked fun at her many plastic surgeries. For her torso, she mentioned lasering hair from her stomach, and for her trademark booty, she wrote about how much “thiccer” it looked in the video compared to her pictures.

There was also a distinctive Lord of the Rings theme in Niece’s post as she mentioned “second breakfast,” said her legs made her look like a hobbit, and added “The Shire, Middle Earth, Hobbiton” to her geotag.

Her 1.8 million followers couldn’t get enough of her post. It was liked more than 106,370 times, and more than 1,380 comments filled up her comments section from people eager to praise the buxom babe.

“I learned a lot about the human body (and how perfect it can be). Thank you!” exclaimed one user.

“Came for the pics. Stayed for the fantastic captions,” added a second fan, inserting a laughing emoji to their remark.

Yesterday, Niece shared an equally scandalous video showing her almost popping out of some sexy leather bondage lingerie.